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Thread: Questions on workout

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    Questions on workout

    A lot of information on this board, I'm glad I found it. First let me tell you about my goals. I'm basicly wanting to go for some added bulk and get more of a cut physic, big muscle gain is not something I want. I am 38 Y/O, 5'11" and weigh about 190 pounds. I have been lifting again for two months after a 18 year layoff. My current work out has been every other day, with the following lifts.

    Chest, bench press 10X135 8X155 4X185 and 10X135
    Incline bench with dumbell's 2 sets of 10
    Preacher Curls 3 sets at 10reps with 30pound dumbell
    Trisep, 2 sets at 10
    2 sets of crunches 30
    Shoulder lift, not sure what you call it, lift 20 pound dumbell's laterly up to shoulder level 2 sets of 10
    Pull downs 2 sets of 10
    Then follow with 15 minutes on climber for cardio.

    from what i read I at least should be breaking up the parts of my body, I know there is no leg workouts but the climber is adding def and bulk to my legs, and to be honest I hate leg workouts, but then again I'm asking for advice, so I would do them if needed. I put in about 1 hour and change each time, would be willing to add another day.

    The current workout I have taken some weight off about 4 pounds, but I think I also need to go to the nutrition forum because I'm a junk food addict and I know that needs to change.

    If you could help me out with a cardio/workout regimine, I'm sure my workout is not ideal, but it has got me to the point I want to do more. Any help you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated.

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    You should have one or two exercises for every major muscle group in your body. Ths includes (but is not limited too):

    Shoulders (shoulder press, side raises...)
    Traps (shrugs...)
    Back (pull ups, lat pulldowns, rows...)
    Chest (bench or dumbell press, dips, flyes...)
    Hamstrings (deadlifts, SLDL...)
    Quads (squats...)
    Calves (calf raise...)

    You dont like doing leg workouts, but they are very important to weight loss, as the quads, hams, and glutes are the largest muscles in your body. Thus they use the most calories to build and maintain.

    At least add squats and deadlifts to your routine.

    These are 2 great compound movements that will add mass, and help you burn them calories. Plus, you will look a lot better when everything is said and done.

    Also, I didnt see any back exercises on your list. I would recommend at least pull ups if you can do them, lat pulldowns if you cant.

    Maybe someone will write you up a routine...

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    Well, people will probably tell you to try out the wannabebig routine... It's a great place to start, and if you have any questions on any of the lifts, just post 'em up here.

    Splitting up your body is a must, IMO, except for very specialized athletes. And jell is right... your legs have a tremendous amount of muscle mass that you need to maintain... that muscle will help you drop your fat.

    Cardio can be done on non-lifting days, and I'm sure people will have lots of options for you there. I'd personally rotate the type of cardio you do, between 30 minutes low-intensity cardio on an elliptical/climber, and 30 minutes of interval training/wind sprints on a treadmill/stationary bike. Thats it. Lift 3 times a week using the WBB routine, do cardio 3 times a week, take one day for complete rest, and get yourself a proper diet.
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    If you are going to pyramid then you should warm up, then do your heavy sets with lower reps first and go towards lighter sets with higher reps toward the end of that exercise. It makes more sense than pyramiding the traditional way. At least to me it does anyway.
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