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Thread: Different training systems?

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    Different training systems?

    I recently read on Dr Squat's site an article he wrote about all these different training systems out there (e.g. HIT, POF, etc etc)
    and how these training systems are simply different interpretations of the same basic weight training science.

    Which means, it's all razzle and dazzle by whoever came up with these new training methods.

    Here's a quick link to it:
    (click on the link that reads Popular Training Systems ...)

    Makes alot of sense, i'd think.

    IMHO, as long as you have regular progression in your workouts, thats the key to success. (which is why i keep incorporating small, incremental progressions to my poundage/reps in every workout)

    What do you guys think?
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    Qea, that's true. Dr. Hatfield is a smart guy. It is the principles that are important. The different methods of lifting are just differing attempts to illicit an adaptation response.
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    Just as a bump--

    There's several new articles there from Chris Thibadeau that are definitely worth reading for anyone interested in periodization.
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