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Thread: Beginner weights.. OK?

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    Beginner weights.. OK?


    Im going for something cheap and something to start with...

    Would these be OK.. I know Argos is kind of cheapy crap.. but yeah there cheap! lol

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    Sure, why not. You can always upgrade in a couple years.
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    Hehe.. Yeah suppose your right... I got a rowing machine which i use to build my muscles as well as my legs


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    Make sure they weigh what they are supposed. There was a thread in the general section called "weigh your weights!". Someone had bought a cheap 45 lb plate that actually weighed like 41 lbs. Watch out!

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    Join a gym, or lift at your school.
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    since your a beginner you dont know if you'll stay with lifting. most people will give it up after a month or 2 (usually after newyears resolutions). so start by working out at school or at a gym.
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