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Thread: Heart rate during cardio

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    Heart rate during cardio

    Every time I do Cardio my heart rate gets up to 180-190 BPM and then fluctuates around 170 - 180 ... I'm a little worried as this seems high (or is it?), what numbers do other get from a standard cardio session? (i.e. HIIT not included)

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    Hey dude,
    When i first started my heart rate was high like that as well, i think its just means that your not fit. However try to not go over board other wise youll end burning yourself out and doing bad rather then good...
    The numbers that you are getting is around the weight loss area BUT youll find out that after a few months your heart rate will drop which means your getting fitter...Hope that helped...

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    I wouldn't consistently keep your heart rate that high though. When you go above your anaerobic threshold (AT), which Iím guessing is a lot lower than 190 you go from burning primarily fat to using primarily carbohydrates for energy.

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    Obviously it varies with fitness level, but quick and dirty estimate of your maximum geart rate is 220 - your age. A heart rate of 70-80% of this rate is consider "Aerobic activity" and a rate of 80-90% is considered "anaerobic".

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    I have a pretty damn high heart rate (including resting). Typically, even with lower intensity cardio I probably sit around 150-160. Probably means I'll die at 50, which to my mind is not a bad thing.

    Once when doing HIIT (and using yohimbine and ephedrine simultaneously--not a great idea, btw) my heart rate hit 220 bpm. Not fun.

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