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Thread: critique my workout schedule...

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    critique my workout schedule...

    Current stats:
    35 years old
    5.6 193 lbs..
    22% bodyfat.

    This is my schedule til april 1st.. This is a cutting schedule.

    Monday... Basketball in the AM.. Shoulders in the pm. If no Basketball then 1 hour cardio... 30 minutes vertical climber...30 minutes cardio.. running intervals.

    Tuesday LEgs,Abs,Forearms.

    WEd Tae bo { 20 to 40 minutes} and boxing in the garage with heavy bag and speed bag.. 3 minute more then 15 minutes.

    Thur: Chest and TRiceps

    Friday : BAck and Biceps

    Saturday : Cardio or REst
    CArdi consists of 1 hour.
    Sunday: CArdio or REst.

    Diet. I am taking in around 2000 calories a day. Trying to get 150 protein.. No fried foods, regular soda.. No beer or candy..

    Currently 193 lbs.. Would like to be 175 to 180 by april 1st.. Can I do this with this schedule and dieting...
    Thanks for any feedback...

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    Try to do your cardio with your weightlifting. So like, play basketball and then lift.

    Studies have shown that if you combine sessions putting cardio and weightlifting together, you will maintain the same amount of strength as opposed to doing cardio and weightlifting on seperate days. If you do cardio one day and weightlift the next, the human body will generally pick endurance over strength.

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    Might want to list what kind of exercises you're doing. Saying that you do legs or shoulders doesn't really say as much as what exercises you are doing.

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