Current stats:
35 years old
5.6 193 lbs..
22% bodyfat.

This is my schedule til april 1st.. This is a cutting schedule.

Monday... Basketball in the AM.. Shoulders in the pm. If no Basketball then 1 hour cardio... 30 minutes vertical climber...30 minutes cardio.. running intervals.

Tuesday LEgs,Abs,Forearms.

WEd Tae bo { 20 to 40 minutes} and boxing in the garage with heavy bag and speed bag.. 3 minute more then 15 minutes.

Thur: Chest and TRiceps

Friday : BAck and Biceps

Saturday : Cardio or REst
CArdi consists of 1 hour.
Sunday: CArdio or REst.

Diet. I am taking in around 2000 calories a day. Trying to get 150 protein.. No fried foods, regular soda.. No beer or candy..

Currently 193 lbs.. Would like to be 175 to 180 by april 1st.. Can I do this with this schedule and dieting...
Thanks for any feedback...