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Thread: Pushpress Vs Incline Bench

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    Pushpress Vs Incline Bench

    For my new routine since im training for lifts im mainly focused on increasing my big 3. On my bench day im a litte confused on what to pick for me 2nd barbell lift and im caught between pushpress and incline bench.

    They both have a focus on different muscles but seems they stimulate around the same, which would yall reccomend if neccesary to pick out of of the two going for power.

    As it is now im more inclined to pick pushpress but id like to see everyone else ideas.

    My bench routine will be something as follows

    Benchpress (westside method)
    Pushpress 3x8
    Incline Dumbell 3x8
    Accesory Lift ( flys,cables,etc) 2x12

    Im also concidering a few sets of closegrip but im not exactly sure how I feel about those right now; never have done for an extended but not sure the results ill yield

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    Jinkies, personally im a big fan of push press and heavy shoulder work but for bench press it may be more benifical to do incline, also drop the dumbbell press and fly stuff for tricep stuff, tris is key in big benching!
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    I would go with the push press. It will help you develop your shoulders more than a incline would(depending what angle). its always great to have a nice set of shoulders to lift off. Since when you bench powerlifting style you will be resting mainly on your shoulders. having a strong base will make it more stable.

    and like stump said, get some heavy tricep work in there like closegrip or dips in a more upright position to hit the tri's more.
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    Chest has always been a weak point for me development wise so I was hoping I would be able to sneak in some dumbells but yall are right I need more direct focus on triceps if im hoping for a higher bench.

    Im just worried cause I grip really wide will I be overworking my shoulders ( doubtfull due to the fact that I have 6 days inbetween each session) alot of debate goes on rather or not powerlifts should train overhead movements due to this fact. Widegrip works the pecs to some extent aswell? I don't want to completely neglect them but if I have too ill just rebuild them after the season.

    Edit: I totally had forgotten about dips but I think I will focus them alot more into my program, they also hit the chest pretty hard if angled right
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    +1 vote for the Push-press!

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