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I never said dont do ATF squats. I am responding to so many people swearing to only doing ATF, I dont agree.

Yes I think you could squat 240++ this is my point dont you see a strength benefit to the heavier load the body is enduring?

Unfortunatly a 240 partial to a 200 ATF is no where near the difference I am speaking about. I am talking about a 200lb difference which is 200 xtra lbs that the hole body is supporting thoughout the parallel squat range.
Same w/ my point about board work that lockout strength has to be measureable added output performance.
To only train full range is missing out IMO.
Well that was a nice side step if your a pl then you know their are quite a few that can squat parallel 600 and up whereas ATF Style with these weights not anywhere near as many.
Guido if you dont mind how much can you squat ATF,Parallel?
Parallel is in my signature. ATF is not much less, I've done 385 ATF and that was several months back, so probably more like 395-400 now. Both of those are without a suit (belt only on the ATF, belt and wraps on parallel max).

I'm sure you know that yes there a lot of guys that can squat 600, but take equipment out of the equation and that number is a lot less. There aren't many raw guys doing 600 lbs that are under 250 lbs, to parallel or ATF!

I'm also agreeing with you that ATF squats should not be the only part of the equation. Partial rep work has it's place, for sure.