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Thread: darn bf % test

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    darn bf % test

    I get so much conflicting opinions on my bf %

    I used the test where you grip the metal handles and it gives me a reading of my BF%. I'm at 16% from that reading.
    When I use my calipers, I had a guy say I am 18%.
    I had another guy do it and say I am 10%.
    My friends say I look like I'm 8%

    I'm 175 lbs. 5 ft 10. I have a 29 inch waist with NO GUTT!!!
    I would think that a person with a reading between 16-18% look very soft.

    Maybe my organs have a lot of fat, or maybe my fat is transparent enough where you can see my muscles.

    I give up on the bf count.

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    Re: darn bf % test

    Originally posted by Rycherx
    I give up on the bf count.
    This is the most important thing you've said in this post.
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    Sounds like you and I have the same body size and the same bf dilemna.

    I was measured in May at 9% at the local gym with a 3 point caliper test. I had only been working at for a few weeks at this point after a 1 year hiatus from fitness.
    They measure twice and both sets of results were within .5%

    I was measured on Monday of this week (after an excellent stint of healthy eating and great workouts) and both readings produced equal results, 7.1%

    My weight hasn't changed.
    I too am 5'10 and a consistant 175 over the past 3 months (I measure before every workout)

    My waist however is unlike yours. I'm about a 33 (pant size)

    I have a ton of veins covering my body when I workout, from my neck, across my traps, my shoulders, down the arms and some around my oblique/hip area. I have striations coming out on my shoulders, back and pecs, and I have both horizontal and vertical lines within the muscles of my biceps. I have well defined abs, obliques and serratus (I can see my abs if I pull my shirt back against them)

    My workouts are simple and short, with my major accomplishments this week being:
    2 sets of 18 for pullups
    2 sets of 10 overhead press (military press with 65lb dumbbells
    and a set with 70s to failure at 7 reps

    I dont' take any supplements and eat under 2k calories a day, roughly 170g of protein, and about 200 of carbs and under 40 of fat.

    I haven't done any of the other tests you mentioned, but I'll try to go to the mall one of these days and grab one of those shocker things at brooksbrothers and see what my reading is!

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    BF% suck unless you get regular access to those water tanks


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