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Thread: Spacing training days and DOMS

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    Spacing training days and DOMS


    Current training of Mon, Wedns, Sat leaves 2 occassions of training "the day after the day after" (Wedns from Mon, Mon from Sat). This is when i find the aching DOMs the worst, but it doesn't seem sensible to train one day after another. Nor will 3 sessions a week fit if i space them more widely!

    What to do? Not be a wuss, accept training with DOMs and press on? Is this what y'all do?



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    Whats your routine? If your doing the same muscle groups you should vary your intensity.
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    post your whole routine. youshouldnt be working the same muscle every day you workout. if you are doing something like


    then you would be fine because you have a week between training sessions.
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    Doing WBB1, so there is a pretty clear split. It just doesn't feel there is on some of the compounds.

    Also, for example, my arms are hurting from the curls etc, but tonight is bench and rows!

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    i have my whole week planned around doms...

    monday - chest/tris
    tuesday - back/bi's
    wednesday - shoulders/abs
    thursday - legs

    this way my shoulders are rested from chest day, legs are rested from deadlifts on back day so I can squat on thursday. Also, since its a 4 day routine, if you need another day off you can stick it in there where ever so arent too sore. It works for me...
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    BGB...everything is layed out perfectly.

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    As your work capacity improves, you won't get as sore.
    Squats work better than supplements.
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