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Thread: Bodyweight exercise workout routine

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    Bodyweight exercise workout routine

    Okay so I know I really need to join the gym to get a good workout, but for the next 3 weeks I will not be able to do so. In the mean time I'm stuck at home with nothing but two 10 lb dumbbells I found upstairs. I almost gave up thinking I wouldn't be able to do anything for the next 3 weeks, but I figured I could put together a routine with just bodyweight exercises I could do around the house. Here's what I came up with, I tried getting an exercise or two that would hit each of the main muscle groups.. give me some suggestions if you have any...keep in mind I've never gone to the gym so I'm very weak, so for example: yes, 3x15 pushups with a wide grip will be hard for me, and I'm not even sure I can do 5x5 chinups.

    Routine (every other day):
    chinups in basement, 5x5
    dips on chairs, 3x10
    hammer curls with dumbbells, 3x10
    1 leg calf raises on stairs, 3x10 each
    wide pushups 3x15
    lateral raises with dumbbells 3x15
    lunges with dumbbells 5x20
    situps 3x50

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    cmon no one has any criticisms or suggestions or anything for me? im trying to make the best of this time before i can get to work in the gym.

    edit: i just did the routine and found out chinups are really hard.. i ended up doing this:

    Chin-ups 5, 3, 1
    Dips 10, 10, 10
    1 Leg Calf Raises 15, 15, 15
    Wide Push-ups 15, 15, 15
    Lateral Raises 15, 15, 15
    Hammer curls 10, 10, 10
    Lunges 15, 15, 15
    Front Squats 10, 10, 10
    Deadlifts 5, 5, 5
    Crunches 50, 50, 50

    and yes I realize doing 20 lb squats and deadlifts are ridiculously easy, even for me, but i figured just doing them and learning the form would be worth a few minutes
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    Seems like you got all the excercises down that I can think of just using BW. Good choice with the squat and DL by trying to perfect the form before you get to the gym. That will be a huge benefit to you later.

    Oh..maybe some calf raises holding the 20 lbs and standing on the edge of the stairs.

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