Why is it that I cannot seem to surround myself with people who understand the lifestyle of bodybuilding? Why do most of the people I deal with everyday have to be so ignorant about this topic, and assume things that are untrue.
Some examples that I'm sure some of you can relate to:

What you do: What they assume
-You use the word "bodybuilding" to describe what you do: You are automatically a dumb meathead.
-You admire pictures of bodybuilders, and get a sense of inspiration by looking at them: Your either bi-sexual, gay, or are hiding something.
-When you tell them for ex, Frank Zane's physique is amazing: You get a strange look and are asked, "Why would you ever want to look like that, it's disgusting"
-You fill out your shirt and your arms stretch the sleeves: Your most likely on steroids and everyone should know about it. Steroids are for people with small penises.
-You eat properly and try to avoid drinking every single weekend: You get some sort of sarcastic remark that has to do with muscles.
-Someone see's progress pictures that you've taken and which you happen to be proud of: You're vain, or full of yourself.
-Your enjoying one of your protein shakes, or home made bulking shakes: "Must be his steroids in the cup or something"
-Someone finally seems interested in your lifestyle, and the first thing they ask is, "How much can you bench??"
-You work out 5 days a week: Your automatically self concience about yourself and need to work out to feel good"

It seems as if everyone has a comment to make. I only wish I could find people in my area with the same interests and understanding of this lifestyle. It really doesn't help motivate me to have these types of people around on a regular basis. And it's not only my friends, but the people whom I associate with at school, work and places I go to have a good time etc.

And that, is my rant lol