Friday night I attempted a squat workout before I left for the Jersey Shore. My back was cranked and I decided to shut it down before going heavy and killing myself. So I did what most people do when their back is real tight...deadlift...heavy. I pulled in my Ace suit straps up w/no briefs. I ended up hitting 535x1 for a 10 LB sumo gym PR(Meet PR is 540). I'm gonna try that suit for sumo again when I am fresher to see how it compares to the Trex I usually use. I then went to Jersey and humg out with my family and went to Atlantic City. I won some decent money at the poker tables and stayed up all night of course. Tonight I was back in the gym for some benching:

Heavy Bench

Reverse band 3-board press(Choked Blue bands)


*add Old Metal poly*


*switch to old DD*


*switch back to old Metal poly*

495xmiss(couldn't lock right arm)

Just wanted to really overload the top end tonight. I didn't want to use my good shirt, so I used some old shirts for the added support so I could use more weight. Next week I will be back to full range in the Phenom and then the following week I will do boards against bands instead of reverse.