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I did not expect that one, but that's actually a really good answer. It's just that I have school from Monday to Thursday and I don't get home until 6pm. It really kills me and my lower back just to sit there listening to boring lectures one after another... wish I was allowed to take notes while standing up.
Haha, that would be funy if you were the only one standing and just periodically lifted your desk over your head and banged out a few reps to keep loose.

Decided I am not going to compete until the summer. I am going to attempt to get strong for once(of course, I could change my mind about 75 times between now and June, so who knows). I have written out a raw bench cycle to try and get my pathetic bench up a bit. I have tentative ideas about my SQ/DL work which I have not completely hammered out yet. I'll work on that more tonight. So, today I started my bench cycle and my damn gym was closed from all the snow. It took like an hour to get my car dug out and I was furious. Called Gold's gym and they were open so I went there. I think I am going to join there soon anyway, much better atmosphere.

CR bench cycle/Week 1 Day 1

Bench press

175x10x2 sets

OH press(strict)

115x10x2 sets

V-bar Pushdowns(these cables are real light)


Rear delt laterals

3 sets of 12


3 sets of 12

I will be benching twice per week. I have the whole cycle written out. Today is the lighter day, Thursday will be heavier. Tomorrow I will squat in gear and then do some speed pulls sumo w/chains. I will also be trying to put on a few lbs to fill out the 181's. Hopefully I will be up to 187-188ish in a few months.