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Strong couple sessions sorry to hear about the pain in your hip. Definitely a good idea to take it easy on the squats if thats whats irritating it. Look at dem floor presses! Awesome PR CR. Definitely eat more skinny I might catch you in weight.
Thanks man. I know I should be pushing 180 by now. Need to be more consistent.

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How wide do you squat Chris?
Very wide for raw. Because I have squatted multi-ply for years, this style just seems to suit me better. When I go narrow, I am weaker AND my for suffers.

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Wish you well with the hip ordeal bro.
Thanks for the support as always Coke

Deadlift@ Gaglione Strength

Block Pulls(Belt)


Dimel Deads(No belt/ OH with straps)



+40 lbs CHx7x3 sets
+20 lbs CHx13

Abs on GHR

3 sets


1 set(back cramped up)

Felt pretty strong tonight. I measured the block pulls at the end and the blocks were set at 5.75". Leaves the bar at mid-high shin. It's a very awkward spot for me to get the bar going since I usually get all my speed off the floor. I was happy with how smooth the lockout was on 585 though after I got it moving. My buddy John showed me some good stretches and some work to do on the foam roller to help with my hip situation. I just need to man up and do them consistently and see if it improves.