Paused Bench(Middle finger on rings)

280x1(5 lb gym PR)

*touch and go*

225x7(Pinky on rings/paused last rep)

Lying BB ext to chin

3 sets of 10-12

Face pulls

4 sets of 15

BB curls

4 sets of 12-15

Trained alone tonight and I felt pretty good so I pushed it a bit. I hit a real easy rep with 275, so I decided just to go for a 5 lb gym PR. It was smooth, but not as fast as the 275. Yesterday was 8 weeks out from the meet. Going into the meet last year when I hit 285 for an all-time PR, my best bench that training cycle was a slow 275 on this same crappy bench. I feel like my bench is stronger now than I was 8 weeks out last time. I'm going to continue to work my weak lockout while not neglecting my pauses and I think I will be on point for a 290-300 bench on the awesome bench that Gene has at the meets.

Evening BWT- 180