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Thread: Why does nobody believe the skinny guy?

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    If it turned into an all-out insult war, then it's quite possible that this thread you're talking about could have been deleted. Just a thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidior View Post
    Plus WBB usually goes through stints where partiular splits are more popular than others.
    Very true. Not just WBB, but the bodybuilding/weightlifting community in general.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guido View Post
    What's right for each person depends on their goals. Some people just looking to pack on muscle size can benefit from hitting muscle groups twice per week. Those looking to increase maximal strength (like me), would quickly burn ourselves out if we did that. So really there is nothing wrong with what you are saying depending on the end goal.
    What about Westside, Bill Star's or Metal Militia? They all hit body parts 2-3x per week.

    I do remember several years ago that very few people on this site liked to train muscles multiple times a week. It really frustrated me because I felt like just doing Push/Pull/Legs over the course of 1 week was a complete waste. Almost every "is my routine good?" focused on splitting up the muscle groups and raping one muscle each week. I think that training has its place (i.e. pro bodybuilders on steroids, some people who are just genetically very different from the majority, and people bringing up weak points before a competition or something), but the vast majority of time I think it's much more ineffective.

    I also have never really been a fan of WBB#1-3, for these reasons. I think beginners especially can benefit from high frequency workouts.
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    I'm doing a bill starr 5x5 right now.

    Facts are that most new people over train. They get into the gym thinking it has to be gung ho heavy as hell every single set and they sacrifice form for reps/weight.

    If you did bill starrs 5x5 like that ( I don't expect many beginners to do a 5x5 routine), or any other routine for that matter, you'd fail horribly.

    And it comes down to your ability to recover, some are much better at it then others.

    What the OP was getting at anyhow, was that people believe and put more stock into what the bigger stronger people of the world have to say. And most people do, on the same hand most of the people around this forum are a little more educated then to believe that because someones big/strong that they know what their doing. If these bigger/stronger people do know, chances are if their out to make money that they will lie to you in hopes to get you to buy some program or supplement to get you HYGGE.

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    I think a lot of it also has to do with the fact that pro bodybuilders are very genetically gifted and on use steroids. Most people here do not, so the training regimes of pro bodybuilders isn't really ideal to follow.

    Also, so long as the beginner understands what he's doing, a high frequency routine won't overtrain them. They just need to understand not to train to failure or do 800 sets per exercise.

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    OP, you're not still that 160lb guy, are you? You had to have gained weight in the last two years.
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    I've tried HST before. 3X a week, same exercise. Good results but found it exhausting by the end of the routine. Might give it another go.
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    Sorry guys, i can't find the original post. Maybe Tofer is right and it got deleted. Just forget i brought it up. Have a good one.
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    I'm not reading your posts anymore until you break 185.

    Now that is certainly joking, lots of different thoughts on training here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gettin' Big View Post
    Sorry guys, i can't find the original post. Maybe Tofer is right and it got deleted. Just forget i brought it up. Have a good one.
    If it got deleted, moderaters (ie, me) can still see it.

    I don't see it.

    Regardless, I think this discussion has gone on long enough.
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