Maybe someone can answer this one for me. A couple years or so ago I used to frequent this site multiple times a day. (note: back then I had my height and weight posted in my signature for people to see....this will come into play later) I gobbled up any piece of information from this site and other reliable sources that I could. Along the way i read about training body parts twice a week, but using less volume than if you trained each body part once a week. So I ran it by the members here in a post. I was ridiculed up and down, left and right by several members (both senior and new) that training body parts twice a week was over training and should never be done. That close mindedness drove me away from this site for a long time. Now that I have recently began reading posts again, I see that many many people swear by training body parts twice a week. So why did nobody believe the 5'10" 160lb skinny guy back then, but now i see many people are gobbling up the posts and comments from the much larger muscled members? I'm really not trying to be a dick, I am truly curious.