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Thread: Cardio ????????????

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    I've ask this a while ago on that "other" board !!!, but failed to get a response.

    If I train legs on Monday and totally blast them to the point that they ache for a few days ..... Am I being couterproductive by doing some bike work on the Tuesday or Wednesday (using my legs again) ????

    Anyone ???
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    I train legs on Tuesday and hit the bike easy on Wednesday and Thursday to keep from getting to sore. I sit down at work alot in the winter and get really stiff but the biking has helped. I don't go mental and hit it hard for a cardio workout.'s more friendly for trainers to say, "yeah, we can help you tone up!" rather than saying, "yeah, we can help you get rid of that fat ass!"


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    It depends :)

    For me, I can ride the bike at low resistance without any lactic acid buildup or feeling, the stair thingy, on the other hand, fatigues my quads.

    If you're doing truly aerobic, low resistance, cardio then I think there's no harm done.

    You can judge by the pain. If you feel it more in your legs then your lungs, you need to lower the resistance.

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    Light activity will actually help speed recovery. I'd say some light/moderate biking would be fine.
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