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Thread: A strange lifting problem

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    A strange lifting problem

    Hello Id like to introduce myself, I am Josh Cook from the UK. Ive been working on construction sites / farms for a number of year, which has inevitebly left me a good size. I am physically strong and has teamed up with my best friend to start working out, as we want to be huge. To be more precice we want big arms.

    I supposed you get loads of newcomers like myself, but I have a problem trying to get my head round a certain something.

    The famous Schwarzenegger quote
    Quote Originally Posted by Arnie
    The last three or four reps is what makes the muscle grow. This area of pain divides the champion. Thats what most people lack, having the guts to go on and just say they'll go though the pain no matter what happens
    Now we've bought a training program which explains what this means, the whole muscle fibre tearing, and how critical the rest inbetween working out is. What we do is:

    -10 Reps of around 10KG
    To warm up

    -Then 6 - 8 at around 20 KG

    -Then this is where we dont understand the whole "shredding" / "muscle fibre tearing"

    We go up to around 30 KG and try for the "final reps." The ones that count.

    But thats just it, we cant feel the pain, or the "shredding" feeling. After the workout we arnt in any physicl pain, or even the day after.

    I have tried to be as honost as possible with weights, although it is slightly embarrasing

    We have added more weights but with no avail, we just cant lift it, then when we take some off it doesnt "shred" as it were.

    has anyone else had this problem, or more to the point, what can help us?

    Is this common, not being able to find the shredding point, but not being too heavy?

    Many thanks

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