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Thread: Good morning workout... now i feel sick and want to puke..

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    Good morning workout... now i feel sick and want to puke..

    I felt good this morning, and had time so i figured id go ahead and do my workout this morning instead of tonight like normal...

    well, i didnt eat anything other than a few huge glasses of water and worked out... now i feel sick and dizzy and feel like throwing up...

    I used to run in the morning before i would eat anything and never felt this way... Did i just over do it? or is it generally bad to workout first thing in the morning? I drank a protien shake after the workout like normal and drank water during the workout... i also had my vitamin with my protien shake..

    !???!?? What do you think?

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    Your blood sugar got low so your adrenal glands compensated by releasing epinephrine. It causes all kinds of complicated stuff like gluconeogenesis, glucagon release, and lipolysis (Sorry you asked yet?). The shakiness, nausea, pallor, etc you felt was due to a combination of the low blood sugar and the epinephrine release. Eat first, next time.

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    I feel better now.. I drank tons of water and had a steak, with some oats...

    Man, im still tired though... Im going to for sure eat something next time
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