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Thread: Starting OUt.

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    Starting OUt.

    Hey to all. Just starting out, and am looking to bulk up, and wanted some tips, critiques and things of that sort. Im 5'9"ish 160lbs and 19 years old I have been lifting for 2 weeks now on WBB routine 1 and these are pics of the first day i lifted. And i know my right arm is noticeably larger than my left! I guess at work i should use my left arm a little more, but im working on that one. Also any guesses on my BF% im saying like 14% ish?

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    Those pics look like you've been lifting for a few months already.
    Definitely work on that left arm... that was the first thing I noticed.
    Bf looks around 14-15 to me.
    What are your goals?

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    I wish i have been working out for a few months!! i Barely have the motivation after i get home from work. I would like to put on 30 pounds and make my lefty look like my righty!! My max bench is 200 lbs and id like to be doing 250+ by the summer. I used to wrestle in high school and am thinking about getting into a wrestling club. So i guess my goals are to gain muscle mass 30lbs or so and get stronger so that i can go roll around on the mat again.

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    you look great for just starting

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    i think you might be lower then 14%
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    looking good for "just starting". id say bod fat at 13. i had the same problem about a .5 year ago with the arm difference, but i fixed that by just adding a rep or two more to that side, and subtracting one from the other so is growth will slow, then they will even out (mine did anyway).
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    Dont worry, my left arm is smaller 2 so dont worry about it, just do your exercises and the deadlift.

    my right arm is way bigger and my left chest is bigger, but my mom says my right arm is bigger because i play baseball and throw with it, so dont worry.

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    You look 12% or a bit lower, just look at the lower back and ab outline.

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