Just to give you guys some background information on myself, I have competed amateur and pro from the 220's to the SHW's. I used to compete full meet, but ruptured two discs in my back which caused me to be a bench specialist (well, for the most part). I once held the all time 275 record and my best bench is 800 as a 308. I have pulled 800 on the trap bar, overhead pressed 400, and benched 575 unequipped in an indoor strogman contest.

In 2006 I suffered a strangulated umbilical hernia and tore my bicep tendon both of which I had repaired. Since then I have had two failed attempts at an unequipped 600 bench and had 805lbs. come out of my hand (of the torn bicep) and fall to my chest. My realization is that since I have returned from my induries I have only been worried about my bench strength which has been my downfall. I am strongest in my bench when my overall strength is maximized. So now I am concentrating on getting my overall strength back up. I am also working on my GPP which I have never done before.

Eough about me, here's my lifting: