Friday ME 5/11/12

Upper and lower warmup
Softball roll pecs/shoulders

Bench w/10 chains 140/230/320x3, 410/440x1, 460x0, 460x1, 420x1
Dead bench 445 6x1 w/45 second rest between sets
Fat bar jm's 165 3x12 1x15
Thumbs up front dbl raises 3x12
Rev band bench 135x100

Iced pecs/shoulders 20 minutes x2

The last time I did this exercise raw I weighed 322. I was 282 today, for those of you afraid of math that's 40 lbs lighter. My best was 475. After I took 440 I did not think I'd have a pr in me, so I took 460. I think I thought it would be easy because it was not a pr and I end up missing it. I knew I had it in me so I took it again and got it. I did one more set to get some more work within 90%.

After that I did the dead benches. Josh wanted 445 for 6 singles. I'm pretty sure I finished up with a RPE of 10. I don't think I had another one in me. 45 seconds rest was tough between sets. I'm scared to think what Josh has in store for me with these next week.

Finished up with a little assitnce work and was out. Last thing though, the fourth lift on the video is good for 1, not 0.