20 minute walk with 40 lb weight vest

OK, so our puppy is a little over 7 months. The little guy is becoming a big guy. He's been great with the exception of some silly puppy stuff. He does do one odd thing however, he urinates all over his own paws.

It's not so bad when he's just lazy and doesn't lift a leg. The stream just kind of splits the uprights and goes between his front legs. When he lifts one leg, BAM, he nails a front leg/paw. We call it pee pee paw. Yeah, he doesn't seem to care at all. This happens often enough where we have wipes at the side door to keep him from dragging his essence into the house.

Anyone else have this problem? I mean with your dog by the way, you filthy animals. Also, if you meet him, don't mention I wrote this. I wouldn't want him to get a complex.