Dynamic stretch lower

Safety Squat Bar 65/115/155/205/245/260/205X10
Side/front/side planks 16 seconds each x 2

So I have been very calculated in my squatting. First, because it has been so long. Second, is due to the hamstring injury. One thing I have always noticed about most injuries is that they feel fine right up until they let go. It's rare that I can tell something is about to happen.

So I timed my top set, a measly 260, and ten reps took me 1 minute and 42 seconds. Talk about tempo and time under tension. I took one drop down set and moved a little more quickly, but man, that's ridiculous.

That all said, I am still going to be careful for the next month or so. My bench is going really well and I am getting lower body work in. So I am accomplishing my goals. As I often say, slow and steady wins the race. Pretty original huh?


Airdyne 40 second intervals alternating with upper and lower body dynamic stretches for a total of 20 minutes.