No warm up

DE Bench w/rev grip bar (reg grip) 225 3x3, 275 3x3, 315 3x3
Rack lockout w/rev grip bar (reg grip) set to low pin 315/335/365x6
Band assisted pullups 2x20

I got a late start for this session and did not even want to train. I couldn't even bring myself to warm up. I just got on and went. Of course I started with some light weights and felt good enough.

With the music cranking I was determined to turn this workout around. I wanted to finish with 315 for DE work. I told myself if I could dig deep and move that weight fast I'd just do a supplemental exercise after. Sure enough, that motivated me. The weight flew.

Did rack lockouts with the rev grip bar also. I set the pin low and these were a b!tch. It was a tough position to start especially using that bar. It was a really hard push on the triceps. When done I really felt quite swole, not fond of that word, but it fit.

At that point I was more than adequately worked, but decided to do a little back pump with band assisted pullups. Then I felt even more swole. Surprised I could actually get through the doorway in the basement.

Seriously though, the plan is almost out the window right now. With the exception of DE and ME bench I am just going to work until I feel done. That's easy for me because I know I never try to get out of work.