What I'm doing right now is basically a modified WBB#1. I first started lifting last spring and progressed through summer, but at that time I really didn't have any clue what the heck I was doing so I didn't gain much. I started out doing legs, upper body, and plyometrics, until I hurt my knee so I only did upperbody. Bleh. Then I quit for the duration of Soccer season, and started up again. Since then I started doing more freeweights and stuff but still only upperbody. Then sometime during January I took the WBB#1 template and messed around with it for a bit. So I am finally doing legs, and I like it, but they're obviously weaker proportionately compared to my upperbody. Anyways.

Age: 15
Weight: 150
Height: 6'0-6'2 (I don't know)

Bench 3x6
DB Press 2x6
Dips 3x6
Deadlift 3x6
BO DB Rows 3x6
Chinups 3x6

CG Bench 3x6
Preacher BB Curls 3x6
Standing Tricep Pushdown 3x6
Hammer Curls 2x6
Lateral Raises 3x8
Shrugs 4x10

Squats 3x6
Hack Squats 3x6
SL Deadlift 3x6
Leg Curls 3x6
Calf extensions 4x10

I've written down everything I've done for the past 3 weeks or so I've been doing this program.