The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness
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The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness

It’s no secret that when people contradict themselves, it has the effect of making the flaws in their actions or statements seem glaringly obvious. But what about when WE ourselves get caught contradicting ourselves by someone else?

By: Nick Tumminello Added: January 6th, 2014
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    hmmm, mp3's anyone??

    Well sittin here bored off my ass waiting for my friend to get off work, downloading music and i cant think of anything else to download, any good ideas???

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    Stevie B Jokes

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    Here's my list..that I can't upload

    Bass Age - The Order of Chaos
    Bass Age - Ultrafunk!
    01 - Eve 6 - Rescue
    01 - Love Don't Cost a Thing
    01 - Timbaland and Magoo - Beep Beep
    01 - Usher - Intro-Lude 8701
    02 - Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule - I'm Real (Remix)
    02 - Nickelback -How you remind me
    02 - OTown - Every Six Seconds
    02 - Timbaland and Magoo - Feel It
    02 - Usher - U Remind Me
    04 - Timaland & Magoo - Clock Strikes
    04-eminem-freestyle live battle at rapolympics
    05 - Timaland & Magoo - 15 After Da' Hour
    06 - Eve 6 - Amphetamines
    Jennifer Lopez - Come Over
    eve 6 - enemy
    Lil' Zane - None Tonite
    Hybrid Theory - By Myself
    Mystikal - I Rock, I Roll
    07 - O Town - All Or Nothing
    Outkast - Aquemini
    USHER--Upped By ManuS - 08 Cant Let U Go-USHER--Upped By ManuS
    Xzibit - Kenny Parker Show 2001 Ft. KRS-One
    eve 6 - nocturnal
    Lil Zane - Ride On 'Em
    Linkin Park - In The End
    Linkin Park - In The End
    Mystikal - U Would If You Could
    08 - O Town - Sensitive
    Outkast - B.O.B.
    Magoo & Timbaland - Luv 2 Luv Ya
    08 - Usher - U Don't Have To Call
    21st Century - Jennifer Lopez - We Gotta Talk
    Xzibit - DNA (Drugs-N-Alkahol) (Feat Snoop Dogg)
    Xzibit - Double Time
    09 - Eve 6 - Jet Pack
    Lil' Zane - Ways of the World
    Lincon Park - A Place for My Head
    Mystikal - Mystikal Fever
    O-Town - The Painter
    OutKast - Southernplayalisticadillacfunk
    Jennifer Lopez 09 - That's Not Me
    09 - Timaland & Magoo - Smoke In Da' Air
    Usher - 09. Without You
    21st Century - Jennifer Lopez - Dance With Me
    10 - Eve 6 - Nightmare
    Lil Zane - All About The Fun
    Linkin Park - Forgotten
    Mystikal - Family
    Nickelback - Good Times Gone
    O-Town - Take Me Under
    Outkast - Crumblin' Erb
    10 - Timbaland & Magoo - Intro Buddha
    Usher - Can U Help Me
    Xzibit - Don't Approach Me Ft. Eminem
    Eve 6 - Bang
    Lil Zane - What's Up?
    Linkin Park - Cure For The Itch
    11 - Mystikal - Aint Gonna See Tomorrow.mp3
    11 - O Town - All For Love .mp3
    11 - Outkast - Ms. Jackson.mp3
    11 - Secretly.mp3
    11 - Timaland & Magoo - Peepin' My Style.mp3
    11 - Usher - How Do I Say.mp3
    11 - Xzibit - Rimz And Tirez.mp3
    112 - Anywhere.mp3
    112 - It's Over Now.mp3
    112 - Peaches And Cream (remix).mp3
    112 - Peaches N Cream.mp3
    112 feat Twista - Don't Hate Me.mp3
    12 - Eve 6 - Girl Eyes.mp3
    12 - I'm Gonna Be Alright.mp3
    12 - Lil' Zane - You Must Really Love Me .mp3
    12 - Linkin Park - Pushing Me Away.mp3
    12 - Mystikal - The Braids.mp3
    12 - O Town - Baby I Would.mp3
    12 - Outkast - Players Ball.mp3
    12 - Timaland & Magoo - Writtin' Rhymes.mp3
    12 - Usher - Hottest Thing.mp3
    12 - Xzibit - Fuckin You Right.mp3
    13 - Lil Zane - Too Hot To Stop .mp3
    13 - Mystikal - Smoked Out.mp3
    13 - Outkast - Elevators (Me & You).mp3
    13 - That's The Way.mp3
    13 - Timaland & Magoo - Deep In Your Memory.mp3
    13 - Xzibit - Best Of Things .mp3
    14 - Dame.mp3
    14 - Lil Zane - Beautiful Feelin .mp3
    14 - Mystikal - Murder III.mp3
    14 - Outkast - Spottieottiedopaliscious.mp3
    14 - Timaland & Magoo - Clock Strikes (remix).mp3
    14 - Usher - U-Turn.mp3
    14 - Xzibit - Get Your Walk On.mp3
    15 - Lil Zane -We Ain't The One .mp3
    15 - Mystikal - Neck Uv Da Woods.mp3
    15 - OutKast - Git Up, Get Out.mp3
    15 - Si Ya Se Acabo.mp3
    15 - Timaland & Magoo - Sex Beat (interlude).mp3
    15 - Usher - U R The One.mp3
    15 - Xibit - Sorry I'm Away So Much .mp3
    16 - Let's Get Loud.mp3
    16 - Mystikal - Bonus Track.mp3
    16 - Outkast - Movin' Cool.mp3
    16 - Timaland & Magoo - Man Undercover.mp3
    16 - Xzibit - Loud & Clear.mp3
    17 - Timaland & Magoo - Joy.mp3
    17 - Waiting for tonight.mp3
    18 - If You Had My Love.mp3
    2 Live Crew - Me So Horny.mp3
    2Pac & Jon B - Are You Still Down.mp3
    2Pac - 5 Deadly Venomz.mp3
    2Pac - All Eyez On Me.mp3
    2Pac - All Eyez On Me.mp3
    2Pac - Guess Who's Back.mp3
    2Pac - Holler If Ya Hear Me.mp3
    2Pac - I Ain't Mad At Cha.mp3
    2Pac - I Get Around.mp3
    2Pac - Keep Ya Head Up.mp3
    2Pac - Keep Ya Head Up.mp3
    2Pac - Kriminal Minded
    2Pac - Last Wordz.mp3
    2Pac - Life Of An Outlaw.mp3
    2Pac - Life Of An Outlaw.mp3
    2Pac - Pacs Theme (Interlude).mp3
    2Pac - Papa Z Song.mp3
    2Pac - Peep Game.mp3
    2Pac - Picture Me Rollin'.mp3
    2Pac - Point The Finga.mp3
    2Pac - Real BadBoy Killaz.mp3
    2Pac - Representin 93.mp3
    2Pac - Smoke Weed All Day.mp3
    2Pac - Something 2 Die 4.mp3
    2Pac - Souljah's Revenge.mp3
    2Pac - Strictly 4 My Niggaz.mp3
    2Pac - Strugglin.mp3
    2Pac - The Streetz R Deathrow.mp3
    3 Doors Down - Kryptonite.mp3
    3 Doors Down - Loser.mp3
    69 Boyz - 10 Chicken Wangs & A Bottle Of Dom.mp3
    69 Boyz - All Men R Dawgs.mp3
    69 Boyz - Booty Drop.mp3
    69 Boyz - Buddy-Buddy
    69 Boyz - Caller #10.mp3
    69 Boyz - Da Mate.mp3
    69 Boyz - Da Set.mp3
    69 Boyz - Tootsee Roll.mp3
    Aaliyah - If Your Girl Only Knew.mp3
    Aaliyah - One in a Million.mp3
    Aaliyah - Rock The Boat.mp3
    Aaliyah ft. DMX - Come Back In One Piece.mp3
    Adam Sandler & David Spade - Baby Got Back.mp3
    Adam Sandler - Food Innuendo Man.mp3
    Adam Sandler - **** the Macarena .mp3
    Adam Sandler - I Ran Over The Taco Bell Dog
    Adam Sandler - Thanksgiving Song.mp3
    Adam Sandler - The Cheerleader.mp3
    Adam Sandler - Your A Porn Star.mp3
    Afroman - Because I Got High.mp3
    Alicia Keys - A Woman's Worth.mp3
    Alicia Keys - Fallin'.mp3
    Alien Ant Farm - Anthology - 02 - Movies.mp3
    Alien Ant Farm - Movies.mp3
    Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal.mp3
    Alien Ant Farm - Summer.mp3
    Alien Ant Farm - These Days.mp3
    ambient bass test.mp3
    American Hifi - Flavor of the Week.mp3
    American HIFI - Hi-Fi Killer.mp3
    Anthology - Funky Cold Medina - Tone Loc
    Anthology - Now That We Found Love - Heavy
    Arrested Development - Tennessee
    Arron Lewis and Fred Durst - Outside.mp3
    B.G. - Bling Bling.mp3
    B.G. - I Know.mp3
    B.O.N. - Boys .mp3
    BackStreet Boys - Which one of us is gay.mp3
    Baha Men - Who Let The Dogs Out.mp3
    bass slyders - The Story of Bass
    BASS UNLIMITED - The Return
    BASS UNLIMITED - The Ultimate Hi-Fi Car Audio Software
    BASS UNLIMITED - Thunderous Bass
    bass voyage 3000 spl bass .mp3
    Beatnuts - Beatnuts Forever.mp3
    Beatnuts - Look Around.mp3
    Beatnuts - No Escapin' This .mp3
    Beatnuts - Party.mp3
    Beatnuts - Se Acabo.mp3
    Beatnuts - Watch Out Now.mp3
    Beenie Man - Girls Dem Sugar .mp3
    Bel Biv DeVoe - Da Hot ****.MP3
    Bel Biv Devoe - Poison.mp3
    Bell Biv DeVoe - Da Hot ****.MP3
    BG - Niggaz in Trouble.mp3
    Big Gay Al - Back That Ass Up
    Big Pun & Noreaga - Clap Your Hands .mp3
    Big Punisher - It's So Hard.mp3
    Big Tymers - #1 Stunna.mp3
    Big Tymers - #1 Stunna.mp3
    Big Tymers - Get Your Roll On.mp3
    Big Tymers - Get Your Roll On.mp3
    Big Tymers - Playboy Don't Hate Me.mp3
    Biggie Smalls - One More Chance (Remix).mp3
    Biz Markie - You Got What I Need.mp3
    Black Rob - Whoa
    Blackstreet - Girlfriend Boyfriend.mp3
    Blink 182 - Adam Song.mp3
    Blink 182 - All The Small Things.mp3
    Blink 182 - Dammit.mp3
    Blink 182 - First Date .mp3
    Blink 182 - First Date .mp3
    Blink 182 - Stay Together For The Kids
    Blink 182 - The Rock Show.mp3
    Blink 182 - Whats My Age Again.mp3
    Blu Cantrell - Hit 'Em Up Style.mp3
    Blue - If You Come Back
    Bone Thugs 'n Harmony - Crossroads.mp3
    Bone Thugs 'N Harmony - Ecstasy.mp3
    Bone Thugs 'N Harmony - Ecstasy.mp3
    Bone Thugs 'N Harmony - Thug Music Play On .mp3
    Bone Thugs N Harmony & B.I.G.- Lets Ride.mp3
    Bone Thugs N Harmony & B.I.G.- Lets Ride.mp3
    Bone Thugs N Harmony - Mary Jane (The Weed Song).mp3
    bone thugz n harmony- weed man.mp3
    Boobney Spears - Make My Boobies One More Size
    Brandy - What About Us.mp3
    Brian Adams - Everything I Do.mp3
    Brian Adams - Please Forgive Me.mp3
    Britney Spears - I'm A Slave 4 U
    Bubba Sparxxx - Ugly.mp3
    Burl Ives - You Are My Sunshine.mp3
    Busta Rhymes - Break Ya Neck
    Busta Rhymes - What It Is Right Now.mp3
    Cam'ron - What Means the World to You .mp3
    Camron Feat. Ludacris UGK - What Means the World to You (R
    Capone & Noreaga - Bang Bang .mp3
    Cartman - On Women
    Cartman - Smack My Bitch Up
    Cash Money Millionaires- Project Chick.mp3
    Chante Moore - Straight Up.mp3
    Chef - Chocolate Salty Balls.mp3
    Chop Suey - When Angels Deserve To Die
    Chris Rock - Can A ****** Get A Table Dance.mp3
    Chris Rock - Champagne.mp3
    Chris Rock - Gays in the Military.mp3
    Chris Rock - No Sex in the Champagne Room.mp3
    Chris Rock - Two Women.mp3
    City High - What Would You Do.mp3
    control - Puddle of Mudd.mp3
    Coolio - 1,2,3,4.mp3
    Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise.mp3
    Counter-Strike Theme Song.mp3
    Craig David - Fill Me In.mp3
    Craig David - Seven Days.mp3
    Crazy Town - Butterfly.mp3
    Crazy Town - Only When I'm Drunk
    Crazy Town - Toxic
    Crazytown - Black Cloud
    Crazytown - Face The Music
    Crazytown - Revolving Doors
    Crazytown - Revolving Doors.mp3
    Creed - My Sacrafice
    Cypress Hill - Rock Superstar.mp3
    D-12 - 12 - Instigator.mp3
    D-12 - 19 - Girls.mp3
    D12 - 01 - Another Public Service Announcement.mp3
    D12 - 02 - **** Can Happen.mp3
    D12 - 03 - Pistol Pistol.mp3
    D12 - 04 - Bizarre.mp3
    D12 - 05 - Nasty Mind.mp3
    D12 - 06 - Ain't Nuttin' But Music.mp3
    D12 - 07- American Psycho.mp3
    D12 - 08 - That's How (Skit).mp3
    D12 - 09- Thats How.mp3
    D12 - 10 - Purple Pills.mp3
    D12 - 11 - Fight Music.mp3
    D12 - 13 - Pimp Like Me.mp3
    D12 - 14 - Blow My Buzz.mp3
    D12 - 15 - Obie Trice (Skit).mp3
    D12 - 16 - Devils Night.mp3
    D12 - 17 - Steve Berman (skit).mp3
    D12 - 18 - Revelation.mp3
    D12 - Fight Music
    D12 feat. Eminem - Purple Pills.mp3
    Da Brat - What Ya Like.mp3
    Daft Punk - One More Time.MP3
    De La Soul - All Good.mp3
    Default - Wasting My Time .mp3
    Destiny´s Child - Survivor .mp3
    Digital Underground - Freaks Of The Industry.mp3
    Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance.mp3
    Dilated Peoples - Worst Comes To Worst.mp3
    Dilated Peoples - Worst Comes To Worst.mp3
    Disturbed - Down With The Sickness.mp3
    DJ Clue - That's The Way.mp3
    DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince - Parents Just Don't Understand.mp3
    DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Boom Shake the Room.mp3
    DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson.mp3
    DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Nightmare On My Street.mp3
    DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Ring My Bell.mp3
    DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Summertime.mp3
    DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince- Girls ain't nothing but trouble.mp3
    DJ Omar Santana - Tipper - Twister
    DMX - Ain't No Sunshine.mp3
    DMX - Bring Your Whole Crew.mp3
    DMX - Bring Your Whole Crew.mp3
    DMX - Good Girls Bad Guys.mp3
    DMX - Its All Good
    DMX - *****'s Dont Want It .mp3
    DMX - One More Road To Cross.mp3
    DMX - Party Up.mp3
    DMX - Ruff Ryders Anthem (dj clue remix).mp3
    DMX - We Right Here.mp3
    DMX - What These Bitches Want.mp3
    DMX - What's My Name.mp3
    DMX - Who We Be.mp3
    Donnell Jones - Say What.mp3
    Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg - The Wash.mp3
    Dr. Dre - Keep Their Heads Ringin.mp3
    Dr. Dre - Keep Their Heads Ringin.mp3
    Dr. Dre - Natural Born Killers.mp3
    Drama - Left Right.mp3
    Dream - He Loves U Not .mp3
    Drowning Pool - Bodies.mp3
    Dru Hill - How Deep Is Your Love.mp3
    Dru Hill - Somebody's Sleeping in My Bed.mp3
    Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf.mp3
    Earth Crisis - Slither.mp3
    Eastsidaz - I Luv It .mp3
    Easy E - College Girls Are Easy.mp3
    Easy E - Nutz On Ya Chin.mp3
    Eiffel 65 - Blue .mp3
    Emimem - Murder Murder.mp3
    Eminem & D12 - Bring Our Boys.mp3
    Eminem & D12 - Detroit Grammar .mp3
    Eminem & D12 - I'll **** On You.mp3
    Eminem - As The World Turns.mp3
    Eminem - Brain Damage.mp3
    Eminem - Don't Give A **** .mp3
    Eminem - Drug Ballad.mp3
    Eminem - Firestarter (Remix) DMX, RZA, Ice Cube & Prodigy
    Eminem - I Just Don't Give A **** (remix).mp3
    Eminem - If I Get Locked Up Tonight.mp3
    Eminem - Rock Bottom.mp3
    Eminem - Stan.mp3
    Eminem - The Kids.mp3
    Eminem - The Real Slim Shady.mp3
    Eminem Feat Dr.Dre - Forgot About Dre.mp3
    Eric Cartman - Kyle's Mom is a Stupid Bitch
    Eve - Let Me Blow Ya Mind.mp3
    Eve - Whose That Girl.mp3
    Eve 6 - ALTERNATIVE-On the Roof Again
    Eve 6 - Here's To The Night.mp3
    Eve 6 - Here's To The Night
    Eve 6 - Inside Out.mp3
    Eve 6 - Promise
    Eve 6 - Sunset Strip Bitch
    Fabolous - Keeping It Gangsta.mp3
    Fabolous - Young'n.mp3
    Fabolous feat Nate Dogg - You Can't Deny It.mp3
    Fabulous - Ride For This.mp3
    Fat Joe - What's Love.mp3
    Fat Joe feat. R. Kelly - We Thuggin.mp3
    Fat Joe Ft. R. Kelly - we thuggin dirty
    Fatboy Slim - The Rockafeller Skank.mp3
    Foo Fighters - The One.mp3
    Foo Fighters - The One.mp3
    Foo Fighters - The One.mp3
    Fredro Starr - Star Ballad.mp3
    Fuel - Hemorrhage.mp3
    Gary Glitter - Rock 'n' Roll Part II.mp3
    Ginuwine - Can You Tell Its Me .mp3
    Ginuwine - Differences.mp3
    Ginuwine - Pony.mp3
    Ginuwine - Same Ol' G.mp3
    Ginuwine - So Anxious.mp3
    Ginuwine - What's So Different.mp3
    Glen Lewis - Don't You Forget It.mp3
    Green Day - Minority.mp3
    Green Day - Warning.mp3
    guru - no more ft craig david.mp3
    Hoobastank - Crawling In The Dark .mp3
    Hoobastank - Crawling In The Dark .mp3
    Hot Boyz - Baller Blockin.mp3
    Hot Boyz - I Need A Hot Girl .mp3
    House of Pain - Jump Around .mp3
    Ice Cube - Put Your Back Into It.mp3
    Ice Cube - We Be Clubbin.mp3
    IMX - Stay The Night.mp3
    J Lo & Ja Rule - Aint It Funny (Remix).mp3
    J Lo & Ja Rule - Aint It Funny (Remix).mp3
    J Lo & Ja Rule - Aint It Funny (Remix).mp3
    Ja Rule - Always On Time.mp3
    Ja Rule - Between Me And You.mp3
    Ja Rule - Holla Holla.mp3
    Ja Rule - I Cry.mp3
    Ja Rule - Murder 4 Life.mp3
    ja rule f. case - Livin' It Up.mp3
    Jagged Edge - Let's Get Married .mp3
    Jagged Edge - Where The Party At.mp3
    Jamiriquai - Virtual Insanity
    Janet Jackson - All For You.MP3
    Janet Jackson f. Missy Elliot - Sun Of A Gun (Remix).mp3
    Jay Z - Big Pimpin'.mp3
    Jay Z - Girl's Best Friend.mp3
    Jay Z - H to the Izzo.mp3
    Jay Z - Hey Papi
    Jay-Z - Can I Get A.mp3
    Jay-Z - Hard Knock Life.mp3
    Jay-Z - I Just Wanna Love You (Give It To Me).mp3
    Jay-Z - Sunshine.mp3
    JD & Ludacris - Welcome To Atlanta.mp3
    JD & Ludacris - Welcome To Atlanta.mp3
    Jennifer Lopez - Carino
    Jennifer Lopez - Play
    Jennifer Lopez 04 - Walking On Sunshine
    Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule - I'm Real (Remix).mp3
    Jermaine Dupri - Don't Hate On Me.mp3
    Jermaine Dupri - Going Home With Me.mp3
    Jermaine Dupri and Jay-Z - Money Ain't A Thing.mp3
    Jermaine Dupri feat. Nate Dogg - Ballin' Out Of Control.mp3
    jermaine dupri ft nate dogg - ballin' out of control.mp3
    Jessica Simspon - Irresistable (remix).mp3
    Jimmy Eat World - The Middle
    Jimmy Eat World - The Middle.mp3
    Joe - I Wanna Know.mp3
    Joe feat. Mystikal - Stutter (remix).mp3
    Jon B - Don't Say.mp3
    Jon B - They Don't Know .mp3
    journey though space 2000.mp3
    Jurrasic 5 - Quality Control.mp3
    KEF - Hottie Bombalottie.mp3
    Keith Sweat - My Body.mp3
    Kid Rock - Bawitaba.mp3
    Kid Rock - Cowboy.mp3
    Krayzie Bone - The War Iz On.mp3
    Krazie Bone - Thug Mentality.mp3
    KRS - Ey-Yo.mp3
    Kurrupt feat. Natina Reed - It's Over Now.mp3
    Kurrupt feat. Natina Reed - It's Over Now.mp3
    Kurupt - Behind The Wall.mp3
    Kurupt - Behind The Wall.mp3
    Kurupt - We Can Freak It.mp3
    Kurupt - Who Ride With Us
    Kurupt - Who Ride With Us.mp3
    L.L. Cool J - Imagine That.mp3
    Lauryn Hill - Killing Me Softly.mp3
    Lil Kim- Notorious K.I.M.- How Many Licks.mp3
    Lil Mo featuring Fabolus - Super Woman.mp3
    Lil Zane - 6. Partners Come Along Too
    Lil Zane - Callin' Me
    Lil Zane - M.O.N.E.Y.
    Lil Zane - Top Down
    Lil Zane - What Must I Do?
    Lil' Zane - Die Famous - 04.m
    Lil' Zane - Money Stretch.mp3
    Limp Bizkit - Faith.mp3
    Limp Bizkit - My Way.mp3
    Limp Bizkit - Rollin'.mp3
    Lincoln Park - Sick of It.mp3
    Linkin Park - Carousel.mp3
    Linkin Park - Crawling
    Linkin Park - Crawling
    Linkin Park - My December.mp3
    Linkin Park - One Step Closer
    Linkin Park - One Step Closer
    Linkin Park - One Step Closer.mp3
    Linkin Park - Papercut
    Linkin Park - Points Of Authority
    Linkin Park - Run Away
    Linkin Park - With You
    Lit - Miserable.mp3
    Lit - Over My Head.mp3
    LL Cool J - Hey Lover.mp3
    LL Cool J - Around the Way Girl.mp3
    LL Cool J - Going Back To Cali.mp3
    LL Cool J - I Need Love.mp3
    LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out.mp3
    LL Cool J - Shut em Down.mp3
    look forward to the future.mp3
    Looking Glass - Brandy (You're A Fine Girl).mp3
    Ludacris - 01 - Coming 2 America - simplemp3s.mp3
    Ludacris - 02 - Rollout (My Business) - simplemp3s.mp3
    Ludacris - 03 - Go 2 Sleep Ft I-20 Lil Wi - simplemp3s.mp3
    Ludacris - Area Codes.mp3
    Ludacris - Coming 2 America.mp3
    Ludacris - Growing Pains.mp3
    Ludacris - Growing Pains.mp3
    Ludacris - Move Bitch.mp3
    Ludacris - Roll Out.mp3
    Ludacris - Roll Out.mp3
    Ludacris - She Said.mp3
    Ludacris - Southern Hospitality.mp3
    Ludacris - what's your fantasy
    Ludacris - What's Your Fantasy.mp3
    Ludacris and JD - Welcome to Atlanta.MP3
    Ludacris Ft Nate Dogg - Area Codes
    ludacris-04-cry babies (oh no) ft scarface-rns.mp3
    ludacris-05-she said ft fate wilson-rns.mp3
    ludacris-06-howhere (skit)-rns.mp3
    ludacris-07-area codes ft nate dogg-rns.mp3
    ludacris-08-growing pains ft fate wilson keon bryce-rns.mp3
    Luniz & Eminem - I Got Five On It.mp3
    Luniz - I Got Five On It.mp3
    Luniz - I Got Five On It.mp3
    M.C. Hammer - U Can't Touch This .mp3
    Mack 10 - Tight To Def
    Magoo & Timbaland - Luv 2 Luv Ya
    Major Figgas - Yeah That's Us
    Mariah Carey & Mase & Puff Daddy - Honey (remix).mp3
    mariah carey - If We.mp3
    Mariah Carey - Loverboy (remix).mp3
    Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch - Good Vibrations.mp3
    Mary J Blidge & Notorious BIG - Real Love (Bad Boy Remix).mp3
    mary j blige - family affair.mp3
    Mary J Blige - No More Drama.mp3
    Mase & B I G - Can't Nobody Hold Me Down
    Mase - Feel So Good.mp3
    Masta P - Oohhhwee
    Masta P - Ooohhwee.mp3
    Masta P- Ooohhwee.mp3
    Master P - Bout It, Bout It.mp3
    Master P - Bout It, Bout It.mp3
    Master P - How We Roll.mp3
    Master P - Souljas.mp3
    MC Hammer - 2 Legit 2 Quit.mp3
    mega low bass.mp3
    Metallica - Enter Sandman.mp3
    method man & redman - da rockwilder
    Method Man & Redman - Part II.mp3
    Method Man & Redman - Part II.mp3
    Method Man - Judgement Day
    Michael Jackson - Billy Jean.mp3
    michael jackson - i wanna rock with you.mp3
    Micheal Jackson - Beat It.mp3
    Micheal Jackson - Thriller
    Micheal Jackson-Smooth Criminal.mp3
    Missy Elliot - One minute Man.mp3
    Mo Thugs - Did He Really Wanna.mp3
    Mo Thugs - Ghetto Cowboy.mp3
    Mobb Deep & 112 - Hey Luv.mp3
    Mobb Deep & 112 - Hey Luv.mp3
    Mobb Deep & 112 - Hey Luv.mp3
    Moby - South Side .MP3
    Monica - Just Another Girl .mp3
    Monifah - Touch It.mp3
    Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It.mp3
    Montell Jordan feat LL Cool J - Get It On Tonite.mp3
    MTV All Stars - Whats Going On.mp3
    MxPx - Responsibility.mp3 Jennifer Lopez - Ain't It Funny
    Mya - Case Of The Ex.mp3
    Mya - Ghetto Superstar.mp3
    mysterious bass 31hz-49hz.mp3
    Mystikal - 01 - Bouncin Back (Bumpin Me Agains - simplemp3s.mp3
    Mystikal - 02 - Tarantula Ft. Butch Cassidy (f - simplemp3s.mp3
    Mystikal - Big Truck Boys
    Mystikal - Bouncin' Back.mp3
    Mystikal - Bouncin' Back.mp3
    Mystikal - Come See About Me (ft. Da Brat And Petey Pablo)
    Mystikal - Danger (Been So Long) (ft. Nivea)
    Mystikal - Jump (Any Given Sunday Sdtrk)
    Mystikal - Ready To Rumble
    Mystikal - Shake Ya Ass (LP Version)
    N.W.A. Feat. Bone Thugs 'N Harmony - **** The Police.mp3
    Nas - Got Yourself A Gun.mp3
    Nas - Got Yourself A Gun.mp3
    Nas feat. Puff Daddy - Hate Me Now.mp3
    Nas feat. Puff Daddy - Hate Me Now.mp3
    Nas ft Lauren Hill - If I Ruled the World .mp3
    Nas ft Lauren Hill - If I Ruled the World .mp3
    Nate Dog & Warren G - These Dayz.mp3
    Nate Dogg - High Come Down.mp3
    nate dogg - i got love.mp3
    nate dogg - nobody does it better
    Nate Dogg - Oh No.mp3
    Naughty By Nature - Jamboree.mp3
    Naughty By Nature- Hip Hop Hooray.mp3
    Naughty By Nature- OPP.mp3
    Nelly - Never Let 'em C U Sweat.mp3
    Nelly - Come Over.mp3
    Nelly - Icey ft. The St.Lunatics.mp3
    Nelly - Number 1.mp3
    Nelly - Ride Wit Me.mp3
    Nelly Furtado - Turn Off The Lights (remix).mp3
    Nelly Furtado - Turn Off The Lights (remix).mp3
    Nelly Furtado - Turn Out the Light.mp3
    Nerd - Lapdance.mp3
    Next - Wifey.mp3
    Nickelback - 07 - Where Do I Hide.mp3
    Nickelback - Hangnail.mp3
    Nickelback - Hollywood
    Nickelback - Hollywood.mp3
    Nickelback - How You Reminded Me.mp3
    Nickelback - Just For (Remix From Curb).mp3
    NickelBack - Money Bought.mp3
    Nickelback - Never Again
    Nickelback - Never Again.mp3
    Nickelback - Too Bad
    Nickelback - Too Bad.mp3
    Nickelback - Woke Up This Morning
    nickelback -Breathe.mp3
    nickelback -Cowboy hat.mp3
    nickelback -Deep
    nickelback -hold out your hand.mp3
    nickelback -leader of men (acoustic).mp3
    nickelback -old enough.mp3
    Nickelback -Too Bad.mp3
    NickelBack -What you wanted.mp3
    nickelback -worthy to say.mp3
    Nickle Back -So Hard To Swollow.mp3
    Nickleback - Just For
    nickleback -Falls Back On.mp3
    Nickleback -Fly.mp3
    Nickleback -Leader Of Men.mp3
    No Doubt - Hey Baby.mp3
    Noreaga - Banned From TV.mp3
    Noreaga - Big Pun Tribute.mp3
    Notorious BIG - Mo Money Mo Problems.mp3
    Notorious BIG - One More Chance.mp3
    Nutorious BIG - Going Back To Cali.mp3
    NWA - Chin Check.mp3
    NWA - Chin Check.mp3
    NWA Ft. Bone Thugs 'N Harmony - **** The Police.mp3
    O Town - Love Should Be A Crime
    O-Town - Girl
    O-Town - Liquid Dreams
    O-Town - Sexiest Woman Alive
    o-town - shy girl
    Offspring - Self Esteem.mp3
    Offspring - Why Don't You Get A Job.mp3
    Old Dirty Bastard - Baby I Got Your Money.mp3
    Olivia - Bizounce.mp3
    Outkast - Ain't No Thang
    Outkast - BOB.mp3
    OutKast - Funkin Around
    Outkast - Intro
    Outkast - Ms. Jackson.mp3
    Outkast - Rosa Parks
    Outkast - Rosa Parks.mp3
    Outkast - Skew It On The BBQ.mp3
    Outkast - So Fresh So Clean.mp3
    Outkast - So Fresh, So Clean
    Outkast - The Whole World
    Outkast - The Whole World.mp3
    Outkast - The Whole World.mp3
    P Diddy - Bad Boy For Life.mp3
    P.O.D. - Youth Of The Nation.mp3
    Papa Roach - Last Resort.mp3
    PaperBoy - Ditty.mp3
    Petey Pablo - La Di Da Da Da
    Petey Pablo - La Di Da Da Da .mp3
    Petey Pablo - Raise It Up (Dirty Version).mp3
    Petey Pablo - Raise It Up (Dirty Version).mp3
    philly's most wanted - cross the border.mp3
    philly's most wanted - cross the border.mp3
    Pink - Get This Party Started.mp3
    playa - Ms. Parker (featuring Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott).mp3
    PM Dawn - Paper Doll.mp3
    PM Dawn - Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine.mp3
    PM Dawn - Set a Drift on Memory Bliss.mp3
    POD - Alive.mp3
    Prodigy - Keep it Thoro.mp3
    Prodigy - Keep it Thoro.mp3
    Project Pat - If You Ain't From My Hood .mp3
    Project Pat - If You Aint' From My Hood f. DJ Paul Juicy J
    Public Announcement - Mamacita.mp3
    Public Enemy - He Got Game.mp3
    Puff Daddy & The Family - Can't Nobody Hold Me Down.mp3
    Puff Daddy - Come With Me.mp3
    Puff Daddy - Public Enemy 2000.mp3
    Puff Daddy - Satisfy You.mp3
    Puff Daddy feat. Mase - Mo' Money Mo' Problems .mp3
    Q-Tip - Vivrant Thing.mp3
    QB's Finest - Oochie Wally.mp3
    QB's Finest - Oochie Wally.mp3
    Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody.mp3
    Queen - Another One Bites The Dust.mp3
    Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody.mp3
    Queen - We Will Rock You - 01.mp3
    R Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly.mp3
    R. Kelly - I Wish .mp3
    R. Kelly - The World's Greatest.mp3
    R. Kelly - The World's Greatest.mp3
    R.E.M. - It's The End of The World As We Know It.mp3
    Rap - Trick Daddy - Weed Song.mp3
    Ray J ft Lil' Kim - Wait A Minute.mp3
    Red Hot Chile Peppers - Californiacation.mp3
    Red Hot Chile Peppers - Scar Tissue.mp3
    Redman - Let's Get Dirty.mp3
    Redman and Eminem - Off the Wall.mp3
    Redman and Eminem - Off the Wall.mp3
    Redman, Erick Sermon, Keith Murray - Rapper's Delight.mp3
    Rocky - Gonna Fly Now.mp3
    Rocky III - Pushin'.mp3
    Rocky IV - No Easy Way Out.mp3
    Ruff Endz - No More.mp3
    Run DMC - Let's Stay Together .mp3
    Saliva - Your Disease.mp3
    Savage Garden - Truly Madly Deeply.mp3
    Seal - Kiss From A Rose.mp3
    Shade Shiest - Where I Wanna Be.mp3
    Shaggy - Angel.mp3
    Shaggy - Boombastic - 03 - Something Different.mp3
    Shaggy - Dance and Shout.mp3
    Shaggy - Hope.mp3
    Shaggy - In the Summertime.mp3
    Shaggy - It Wasn't Me.mp3
    Shaggy - Mr. Lover.mp3
    Shaggy - That Girl.mp3
    Shakira - Wherever, Whenever.mp3
    Silk E Fine - Romeo and Juliet.mp3
    Silk The Shocker - Pop Lockin'.mp3
    Silkk The Shocker Feat Trina - Thats Cool.mp3
    Silkk The Shocker Feat Trina - Thats Cool.mp3
    Sir Mix A Lot - Mack Daddy.mp3
    Sir Mix A Lot - Posse On Broadway.mp3
    Sir Mix A Lot - Testarossa.mp3
    Sir Mix-A-Lot - Aunt Thomasina.mp3
    Sir Mix-A-Lot - Baby Got Back
    Sir Mix-A-Lot - Bark Like You Want It.mp3
    Sir Mix-A-Lot - Beepers.MP3
    Sir Mix-A-Lot - Buttermilk Biscuits.mp3
    Sir Mix-A-Lot - Chief Boot Knocka.mp3
    Sir Mix-A-Lot - Jump On It.mp3
    Sir Mix-A-Lot - Lead Yo Horse.mp3
    Sir Mix-A-Lot - Man U Luv Ta Hate.mp3
    Sir Mix-A-Lot - My Hooptie.mp3
    Sir Mix-A-Lot - One Time's Got No Case.mp3
    Sir Mix-A-Lot - Seattle Ain't Bullshittin'.mp3
    Sir Mix-A-Lot - The Jack Back.mp3
    Sir Mix-A-Lot - What's Real.mp3
    Sisqo & Ja Rule - You are my everything .mp3
    Sisqo - Got To Get It .mp3
    Sisqo - The Thong Song.mp3
    Sisqo - Unleash The Dragon.mp3
    Skee Lo - I Wish.mp3
    Slim Cutta Calhoun - It's Ok.mp3
    Slim Cutta Calhoun - It's Ok.mp3
    Snoop Dogg - Do You Wanna Roll.mp3
    Snoop Dogg - Do You Wanna Roll.mp3
    snoop dogg - g'd up.mp3
    Snoop Dogg - Ghetto Symphony.mp3
    Snoop Dogg - Gin 'N Juice.mp3
    Snoop Dogg - Lay Low.mp3
    Snoop Dogg - Murder Was The Case (remix).mp3
    Snoop Dogg - Murder Was The Case.mp3
    Snoop Dogg - Nothin' But A G Thang.mp3
    Snoop Dogg - Snoop Dogg .mp3
    Snoop Dogg - Still A G Thing.mp3
    Snoop Dogg - Wrong Idea.mp3
    Soul 4 Real - Candy Rain.mp3
    Soul 4 Real - Every Little Thing I Do.mp3
    Soulbone - My Window.mp3
    Soundgarden - Spoonman.mp3
    South Park - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.mp3
    South Park - Adolf Hitler.mp3
    South Park - Blame Canada.mp3
    South Park - Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel.mp3
    South Park - Lonely Jew On Christmas.mp3
    South Park - Oh Holy Night.mp3
    South Park - Swiss Colony Beef Log.mp3
    South Park - The Christmas Poo song.mp3
    South Park - The Most Offensive Song Ever.MP3
    South Park - What Would Brian Boitano Do.mp3
    South Park - X Rated Christmas.mp3
    South Park-Big Gay Al - I'm Super
    SR71 - Right Now
    Stay Together For The Kids.MP3
    Step Kings - Right is Wrong.mp3
    Stevie Wonder - You Are The Sunshine Of My Life.mp3
    Sticky Fingaz & Eminem - What If I Was White.mp3
    sub sonic sound waves.mp3
    Sugar Hill Gang - Rapper's Delight.mp3
    Sugar Ray - Answer the Phone.mp3
    Sum 41 - Fat Lip.mp3
    System Of A Down - When Angels Deserve To Die
    T.W.D.Y - Playa's Holiday
    Terrance and Phillip - Uncle Fucka
    The Citizens of South Park - The Mr. Hankey Song
    The Offspring - Defy You
    The Offspring - Defy You
    The Offspring - Pretty Fly For A White Guy
    Three 6 Mafia - Tongue Ring
    Three Doors Down - Be Like That (1)
    Tim Magraw - Dont Take The Girl
    Timbaland And Magoo - Luv 2 Luv U (Remix)
    Timbaland And Magoo - Up Jumps Da' Boogie (Remix)
    Timbaland and Magoo - We At It Again
    Toya - I Do
    TQ - Bye Bye Baby
    TQ - Daily
    TQ - Westside
    Trick Daddy - im a thug
    Trick Daddy - im a thug
    Trick Daddy ft SNS Express - Take It To Da House (Album)
    Trina - Pull Over (Dirty Version)
    Tweet - Oops Oh My
    Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It
    Twiztid - We Don't Die
    Tyrese - I Like Them Girls
    Tyrese - Sweet Lady
    Uncle Kracker - Follow Me
    Usher - Good Ol Ghetto
    Usher - If I Want To
    Usher - Twork It Out
    Usher - U got it bad
    Usher - You Got It Bad
    Usher - You Remind Me
    USHER--Upped By ManuS - 03 I Dont Know-USHER--Upped By ManuS
    Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby
    Vitamin C - Graduation (Friends Forever)
    War - Low Rider
    Warren G - And Ya Don´t Stop
    Warren G - Do You See
    Warren G - Gangsta Sermon
    Warren G - I Want it All
    Warren G - Recognize
    Warren G - Regulate
    Warren G - Regulate
    Warren G - Runnin Wit no Breaks
    Warren G - So Many Ways
    Warren G - Super Soul Sis
    Warren G - This D.J.
    Warren G - This is the Shack
    Warren G - What´s next
    Warren G - You Don't See What I See
    Warren G - ´94 Ho Draft
    Weezer - Buddy Holly
    BASS UNLIMITED - Welcome to bass unlimited
    Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag
    Wu Tang Clan - Intro (Shaolin Finger Jab) + Chamber Music
    Wu Tang Clan - Careful (Click, Click)
    Wu Tang Clan - Hollow Bones
    SIMPLE MP3s - Wu Tang Clan - Gravel Pit
    Wyclef Jean - Low Income
    Xzibit - X(Dirty Version)
    Xzibit - Alkaholik
    Xzibit - Been A Long Time
    Xzibit - Front 2 Back
    Xzibit - Intro Ft. X
    Xzibit - U Know Ft. Dr Dre
    Xzibit - X
    Young MC- - Bust A Move
    Zebrahead - Playmate Of The Year
    Zebrahead - Someday.mp3

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    I have well over 1,000.... but I won't be a prick and give you a list

    Try some Twiztid or Dark Lotus...
    Stay Down With The

    Runnin' with the Hatchet.. like WHUT?!?

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    east coast
    does anyone remember a video by the smashing pumpkins where corbin is dressed up as the guy in hellraiser? i need to know the song for that video.

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    lol.. I have Twizted no Dark Lotus though, thats a good idea.. grassy asss..

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    *likes being a prick

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    I didn't mean to imply that you were a prick.. hehe.. but hey..

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    you know what i hate, when i search for an mp3, btu all i find is some prick who has just posted his list on the internet, prick bastard w a n k e r s
    'you cant avoid confrontation in life. it just makes things more trouble down the road. sometimes you have to look at the bull and say "f--k you bull" and grab that bull by the horns'


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    that is so f u c k i n stupid. why did that guy just post his WHOLE COLLECTION????

    BTW, i just downloaded BULLS ON PARADE BY RATM......BEST WORKOUT SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Wow, what's with all that O-Town heath?

    You have a rainbow paintjob on your computer?
    Vin Diesel has a fever.. and the only prescription is more cowbell.

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    Budiak: macked
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    galileo: hate

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    1000 is it? i have a good 30+ gb and growing at the rate of about 5/week.

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    Get some DDT. :evillaugh

    Or some sublime.
    "Then on leg day do squats, lunges, stiff legged deadlifts, fluffernutters, and calf raises."--Belial, training a newbie

    PowermanDL on Russian culture: "Big furry hats come into play somewhere."

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    Actually, my friend wanted me to get that CD for her. So I did.

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    Originally posted by codei
    1000 is it? i have a good 30+ gb and growing at the rate of about 5/week.
    I can honestly say I am a fan of all the music I have.. and I could probably sing all 1000+ MP3's I have....

    A lot of people who have 30gb+ of Mp3's download anything they can, or people upload music to them...

    I don't see the point of having N'Sync MP3's in my collection... I only download what I like.

    If you do the same... 30gb+ is pretty impressive.
    Stay Down With The

    Runnin' with the Hatchet.. like WHUT?!?

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    a large portion of it is trance.. i have quite a few live dj sets.
    i am a fan of everything i have or else i wouldnt waste the space, though i cant say i know the lyrics to all of them.. or even some.

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    It's all good...

    Music rulez! :thumpup:
    Stay Down With The

    Runnin' with the Hatchet.. like WHUT?!?


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