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Thread: Stick with BGB or move on?

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    Stick with BGB or move on?

    For the past month I have been taking a break from lifting due to some family issues. Before that I was seeing some decent progress with BGB. I have been on BGB for about 4-4 1/2 months and before the **** happened, I had no intention of switching my routine. I wanted to do Bill Starr's after I stopped getting results from BGB. Should I pick up where I left off with BGB or should I drop it and go with Bill Starrs?

    I am so excited about getting back into the swing of things! ^_^

    On a side note: It's crazy how sloppy I feel after being off of my routine for just one month. I hope that goes away quick

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    You can stick with BGB or do the 5x5, it's your choice. Just make sure your diet is in place. Welcome back to lifting.
    "The only easy day was yesterday."

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    I think I am going to stick with BGB. I didn't plateu on it, was just wondering if I should take this time to switch things up.

    I definatly do have to get my diet back in check. I ate more junkfood than I usually allow this month. I was doing so good . I guess that adds to the whole "sloppy" feeling.

    It feels great to be back :')

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    yeah i'd say its mostly your call, whatever you want to do. sorry about the problems, and after a month off im sure it will feel good to get back into the cycle of things.
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    Evan - so glad to see you back!

    However you train, just be sure to ease back into it. Your strength will come RIGHT back.

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    hey bud. Take your time and ease into the lifting like everyone says! you dont want an injury right off the bat. I'm a big fan of BGB, so if you liked it too, and it was working for you, then stick with it for a while!

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    Welcome back to lifting! BGB rules.

    And i'm sorry to go off topic but Roddy, your arms a huge! Especially for 180.

    Age: 25
    BW: 12st/168lbs
    Height: 5'9"

    Coming back after an 8 year hiatus.

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