I just got home from work and found my 3 jugs of Nitrean waiting for me. I had to try a shake to see if all the hype was true, even with dinner almost ready!

I tested all the claims that I have read. I mixed 2 scoops in 16oz of water and took a fork and stirred away and amazingly didn't get one single clump. Bye-bye Now Foods WPI. Secondly, I was wandering about the supposedly great taste. I am not one that really worries alot about taste nor cries much about it, but what I have been using is about as bland as one could ask for. Took my first drink and I couldn't beleive it. Its awesome and even in water! I can't imagine what it would be like in a nice cold glass of milk! Bye-bye Now Foods WPI. My wife even tasted it and said "gosh thats alot better isn't it?"

Uhh-yeah. You have a new customer just on the above. Now lets see if it will support my training over the next year.

Take care and thanks for the shirt and quick shipping.