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Thread: update - from 2 months - to 5 months of lifting

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    update - from 2 months - to 5 months of lifting

    Hey, i posted in october about 1 or two months in the game... Up until the past week I had no kind of diet, so Im thinking the next 6 months will be really solid... I'm still consistant and have just switched from a 3 sets of 10-12 to a 5 sets of 5 hard and heavy.. (just switched to that this past week) and I'm really thinking thats going to help... I don't notice too many results looking at my pics from 2 - 5 months but I do know that my weight in everything has gone up... Let me know what u think. Harsh criticism is accepted by all means. I love it

    2 months in pics :

    As of jan 16th -


    i don't think im a hard gainer, although my progress is slow as far as visual results go, but I'm almost certain now that my diet is right, and my leg feels better and i can do more squatting and deadlifting, that I am going to grow really fast here.. My diet consists of about 3500 - 4000 calories right now, and I think ill continue that up until summer and cut, or maybe just keep bulking and cut a few months before next summer... not sure what im going to do yet, but i am still enjoying it, i am keep consistant goign to the gym about 3-4 times a week. Like i said i just changed to a 5 sets of 5 to really try and increase my weights... If anything, from when i first started until now, i can do more weight that I did before, and do it correctly, with near perfect form, which when i first started my form lacked alot. Anyway, my pics are pretty awful and might be hard to tell from cuz i cant flex for ****, but let me know what u guys think.

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    looking good bro. Still nice and lean. even though thier only use is intimidation, nice arms!
    Currently Bulking
    10/06:150lbs---8.5% bod fat--------------------3/25/07: 170 lbs

    8/25/07: 163lbs---------goal @ 185 by (5/1/08)

    -deadlift 370x6 (current 315)
    -flat bb bench 205x5 (current 185)
    -squat 265x6 (current rehab in knees, light legs)
    -lat p/u BW+50 x 6 (current 35x6)

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    NICE PROGRESS!!, way to take advantage of 5 months, do you have legs though?
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    you look really confused in that last picture lol..but nice progress, there's visible difference and you're still really lean looking, good job.
    Been out the game for a little while, but jumpin back in

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    You have a lot of potential to put on serious mass. Good progress so far.

    Nice triceps

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