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Thread: Baking Chicken Question

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    Baking Chicken Question

    Every Sunday I bake 9 chicken breasts in a cookie sheet, for about 40 minutes and they come out great.

    Few questions:

    What can I do to make more at a time? I can only fit 9 on the tray, and its hard to even fit them all...

    Do I need to wash off the pan when I'm done? I cover the whole thing in tin foil and when it's done, it's usually spotless.

    When I buy the chicken at the grocery store, do I need to put it in the plastic bags? I see some people put it into those little bags, and some people don't.

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    Need help turning on the oven?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bicster View Post
    Need help turning on the oven?
    Thanks for the helpful post.

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    Putting the chicken breasts in bags is not necessary... just leave them in the big bag that comes with it. If you can't fit more then 9 on one sheet, I'd buy another sheet and throw it on the other shelf. Also.. If you put tinfoil on the cookie sheet, there is no need to clean it afterwards... it shouldn't be messy. If you haven't tried already, try marinating the chicken breasts in some dressing... i like italian.

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    well I think you should deff clean the pan after every use. Thats just common sense. If you need to cook more chicken try getting another pan.

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    you might try just sautee-ing them in a pan with some EVOO, i find that much easier than baking, and more tasty.
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    rofl EVOO, do you watch rachael ray on food network? I hate her.
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