Hiya lads.

Ok, i've been trying like badarse, and I just wanted all you lot's advice on the benefits of RAW eggs. Ok, I understand the dangers (salmonenla or however you spell it) of RAW eggs, so I don't want any posts regarding that. I'm talking strictly protein. I did a Rocky Balboa and knocked out 6 RAW eggs in one glass before a work out, and 6 eggs after a work out.

Now, reason being is because I can't afford protein shake right now so i'm having to improvise with peanuts and eggs. Plus, I don't have easy access to a cooker. Now, I need to know that in terms of protein, is RAW eggs VERY beneficial compared to cooked eggs? I mean, I heard that you actually get more protein if you down RAW eggs, but i'm not sure if this is true or not.

Anyways, just wanted some honest advice from the lads who know it all.