Hi, my name is Joel Lieber. As my name states, I want to be a civil engineer.
Anyway, today I was in the local twenty-four hour fitness. I was doing my usual leg/chest day by starting of with the leg press. Near the leg press machine I saw a friend of mine. He happened to be doing the same machine.
Well this is why I'm here. So we did the same machine. Eventually, we were both up to 5 plates on each side. That was his max, or as he said it "I don't like to lift heavy on legs cause then I get big in the legs and have to buy new pants." This statement was kinda disturbing and goes beyone why your really there, to have fun and move up in wieght. Anyway,later on, we happen to go to the same machine. He tells me I need to go down and touch my chest with my legs on the leg-press. I'm like " uh no that will hurt your knees." He responed with, "who says."

- Did I mention that I got up to 18 plates total on the leg press.
- Did I mention when I outdid him his wife said "wow"

The main point I'm trying to make here is

Is he correct or is he embaressed in front of his wife?
90 degrees on both leg press and squats is correct right?