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Thread: Recommended Whey protein?

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    Recommended Whey protein?

    I am starting lifting and wanting to clean up my diet too. I have a Gourmet Nutrition cookbook and I plan on making one of the shakes for post-workouts. It's a mixed berry shake with basically just berries, vanilla protein powder, and nonfat plain yogurt. What would you guys suggest for vanilla protein that is reasonably priced? Also, I would need a shaker bottle. What do you guys use?
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    also have a look at the shaker
    The shaker is awesome. I just tried it for the first time tonight and it rinsed out with water. Normally the shake I make sticks like mad.
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    To be fair, the OP was asking for a whey product. Nitrean is a mixture and is not only whey. Although, I use Nitrean and it's a damn good product!
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    for purely whey protein, i use ON (Optimum Nutrition) 100% whey.
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    Thanks for the recommendation guys. That looks great. I think I'm gonna actually buy some chocolate kind and do a different recipe. The thing is that in the morning I have no time to really do anything before I have to go to school. So my plan is to just make a shake the night before and put it in the fridge. I also need to make some protein bars to eat during school (I'll probably try out the recipe in the recipe forums) and I'd need a shake for post-workout that I could just bring to school and drink after I workout. What kind of shakes do you guys have for the morning and post-workout? Also, keep in mind, I don't want to buy much stuff. So I'd like to just buy one jug of protein powder and use it for both drinks. Not buy one jug to use for post-workout and one for morning shakes.
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    Afternoon Ladies and Gents

    Im from England so i dont really know much about AtLargeNutrition... though they do look very good.

    I buy Optimum Nutrition 100%, Ive been using it for about 6 months now with a high calorie diet, I would put it in the same class as prolab pure whey. Its cheap, tastes great and mixes without a shaker.... which is great in the office..... The whole Shaker, laptop, client thing dont work for me.

    anyway i get my protein from HealthTemple ... IN the UK...

    .. any ways gluck with your training mate.. and see you on the forum. .

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