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Thread: right shoulder/knee pain....

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    right shoulder/knee pain....

    for the past week i have been having pain in two places that is effecting my work out.

    1) doing military press kills my right shoulder, its a sudden burning/tearing pain that comes about the 2-3rd rep.

    2) dead lifts and squats is giving me a stabbing pain in my right knee that comes on about the 3-4 rep.

    any advice on what i could be doing wrong that would cause this, or any possible diagnoses? and what i need to do to prevent this from happening in the future.

    thanks in advance

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    If you're having stabbing pains in your knee, go see a doctor. Perhaps you are using too much weight. Maybe your form sucks. Who knows? But you should go get your knee checked out by the doctor or a specialist. Don't mess around with knee injuries or something that could lead to injuries.

    And stop doing military presses until you see a doctor. Seriously. Don't aggravate something that could get much worse.

    I think you may have torn something, but I don't know. Ease off for a bit and seek help.

    How long have you been lifting?
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    I agree with Scarz. If you refuse to see a doctor yet - at the very least take a week off from lifting and see where that leaves you. Do NOT lift through pain - that's how lifetime injuries happen. Sorry to hear about it and good luck.
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    i've been lifting seriously now for about 10 months. if i cut back on lifting, do i stop all together or just stop doing the lifts that aggravate my knees and shoulder? this really frustrates me because i feel that now i'm in a good diet/lifting routine and now with these potential injuries itís screwing everything up. you know its funny, 1 year ago i was smoking and drinking everyday with no pain (except waking up hung over), now i eat good, and exercise 4 times a week and have more problems than ever. i guess i will be going to a doc to see whatís up with my body.

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    its good to take a week off now and again anyway, in my opinion, just take a week off, and dont do crap but focus on eating good, sleeping alot and see how you feel... aside from that i agree about the dr...

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    Using the words "stabbing", "tearing" and "burning" are usually good indicators to see a doc. You could just stop doing lifts that hurt those area, but why chance it?

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