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Thread: going pretty good with the diet..

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    going pretty good with the diet..

    i just wanted to share my currect diet with you guys and get some feedback. im doing good with it because the past 2 weeks ive lost 8lbs! im down to 356lbs but i think i can do better.

    meal 1
    2 eggs
    4 egg white
    2 slices high fiber wheat bread
    1 pack no sugar flavored oats
    2 slices deli ham
    1 slice cheese
    pro:46g carb:52g fat:20g fiber:15g

    meal 2
    muscle milk rtd
    pro:32g carb:14g fat:16g fiber:1g

    meal 3
    4 slices high fiber wheat bread
    8oz. deli turkey
    2 slices cheese
    pro:52g carbs:44g fat:18g fiber:20g

    meal 4
    muscle milk rtd
    pro:32g carb:14g fat:16g fiber:1g

    meal 5
    8oz steak
    2 serv. brown rice
    pro:54g carbs:70g fat:18g fiber:2g

    cals:2432 protein:216g(35.5%) carbs:194g(32%) fat:88g(32.5%) fiber:39g

    i plan on being nitrean and ditching the muscle milk and instead adding 3 scoops of nitrean with 1% milk(more protein less fat). and also im thinking of taking the oats out of meal 1 BUT i feel real good eating it so i dont know. also i was thinking eating 1 serv. brown rice and adding 4oz more steak for meal 5. im not lifting weights let but i have a membership to balleys and do plan on doing 3x a week after work for a powerlifting routine. cardio i hate but i know i need to do some. maybe in the mornings when i dont have work or school i can add 3x a week of cardio. i want to add weights first then maybe in 2-3 weeks slowly add cardio. any advice would be great. thanks!


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    Your diet is actually pretty decent and if its working then stick with it. However, here are few suggestions: Add more veggies to it. Use old fashioned oats instead of the instant kind. Try to stay away from processed carbs in general.

    What is your bf%?Age,Height?

    If you are a big boy, and we assume 40% bf which is REALLY HIGH, then you need to consume at least 213g of protein (which you do) and at least 106g of fat (which you dont) [1g/lbm protein;0.5g/lbm fat]. If you are truly 40% bf, your body can handle a big deficit from maintence.

    If we go the other end and say 25%, then you neeed 267g of protein and 133g of fat. Your deficit cant be as big on this but still high nonetheless, using Lyle Mcdonalds 31xbody fat, then you can eat 2581 calories. You wouldnt be left with many carbs in this scenario.

    I would suggest you lift heavy (3-5 rep range) and add in a 20 minute moderate cardio session after each workout (Treadmill:3.0 to 3.5mph @ 7.0+ incline)

    Also check out You might be interested in purchasing Lyle Mcdonalds book on rapid fat loss (PSMF) and for your current status, it might be beneficial. The goal is to lose weight and try to maintain all the muscle you already currently have.
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    im 5'11"
    23 years old
    bodyfat im not sure but its around what you think. when i was 455 i was 54% bodyfat so im guessin 40% is about right.

    how did u come up with the 1g/0.5g?? i always thought there was a rule for protein but not fat.

    im also diabetic and have hypothyroidism, but its under control right now.

    i do plan to lift around the 5 rep range(5x5 style)

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