Hello everyone, I've perused this site for a quite awhile now. I am a freshman in college. I worked out off and on throughout highschool. Although I was interrupted twice by a separated shoulder; once per shoulder. Last semester i worked out mon-thurs and didnt really have a schedule. I did:

Mon. chest/tri
Tues. shoulders/bi
Wed. Legs(not very good) back
thurs. chest then a mix of whatever i felt like

Obviously, I didnt really know what i was doing. I started reading up on things over christmas break and now i'm doing WBB1. I'm sick of being the skinny kid. However i find it very hard to have a good diet while at school. Primarily because the school food is terrible and with my class schedule. I when i started last semester i weighed about 140-142 and my max bench was around 135. As of now i weigh 152-154 and my max bench is 175. I gained some strength but i didnt really put on that much mass. which is my goal. Oh and i'm 6'-6'1". i've been skinny my whole life. really sick of it. Now I remember when i use to read on here awhile ago whenever someone asked a question people usually responded to eat everything in sight. Is this what i should be going by still? I take 5g of GNC creatine monohydrate, a gnc mega man sport vitamin, and some crappy protein powder from walmart everyday. My crappy protein just ran out so i'll be getting some more.. most likely the gnc brand again. Now, my question. What should i try to eat. I know i should try to get 6 meals in ideally. However, the way my schedule works along with my meal plan i am able to eat 3 meals in the dinning hall a day: breakfast lunch and dinner. Whenever i have food in my dorm i usually snack most of the day. What types of things should i try to eat during these times? I'm sorry if this isnt very coherent. I just got done writing a 6 page paper on European history and i'm kind of out of it. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks again.