Hey everybody. I am back again. I am 17, the Quarterback for my team. Drinking and offseason relaxing have got me 12-15 pounds over playing weight. With workouts and stuff coming up I want to be back down to 210, I am currently around 225, tetering over maybe. The only problem I have is what to eat. I workout everyday in my weightlifting class. And we run and do all that stuff as well. However I just don't eat good. If somebody could give me a detailed plan of what to eat. Not a list and I choose what to eat. I need a plan of exactly WHAT to eat and WHEN to eat it. I appreciate the help & work if anybody can help me do this.

If things workout good after a couple days, I will shoot you over 10 dollars through paypal, I just need a good diet plan. I can follow it fine, if I am given a plan of what to eat. In the morning I drinking a protein shake & I eat a bananna or an apple. The rest of the day, I am clueless about. Help!