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Thread: Distal bicep tendonitis & Rehab

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    Distal bicep tendonitis & Rehab

    I've had this since the end of august and the pain has diminished drasticly. I took about two months off with some 600mg of ibprofen. Although it has not recovered fully, any time I try to do chin ups or after a couple of sets of curls the bicep begins to act up somewhat(not too much). My question is, is this normal and will it eventually disapear? I strech every time and try to use hands straps where possible to avoid the bicep..Any advice on rehab?..I've done my share of research and have seen my doc, but was wondering if you guys have any suggestions.

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    How long have you been off?

    I'd give it some time. Train your legs, do some cardio. Just think about how horrible it would be to live with this for life.

    I also would avoid stretching for this type of injury.

    You may want to look into acupuncture, myo-fascial release, all that good stuff.
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    I think tendon injuries, for a lot of people, are permanent. When I first got tendonitis in my elbows and shoulders, I took a year off 'cause everyone, including docs told me to. Long story short, it didn't improve at all. If anything, it got worse. I went to PT three times a week, got acupuncture a dozen times, drank herbal teas, etc etc. None of that did anything, but drain my financial resources.

    My advice is to ice every night and find a way to work around it. For example, I can't do skull crushers and extensions on cables like I used to. Most of my tricep exercises come from CG bench and dips, and even there, I can't get the ROM that I want.

    Good luck with everything and I hope it all works out.

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