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Thread: Scheduling... how is it done?

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    Scheduling... how is it done?

    My life is a mess Mon-Fri. I have plenty of time to do things, if I plan it.

    I'm thinking about setting up a Mon-Fri schedule lists my meals and events, anyone doing something similar? Suggestions?

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    I need to make a list...maybe I won't be so irritable if I wasn't constantly rushed with everything.

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    I make a schedule of each week at least a month in advance. Before each school term, I plan out everything.

    Planning ahead of time reduces your level of stress soooo much. Never again will I just wing it like in my first year of University. I was stressed non-stop, and looking back at it, I didn't even have that much stuff to do compared to now.

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    i use my computers iCal program (mac) and it has all my tests/homework due dates down so i can look a few weeks ahead and see i have 3 exams in the same week and i need to study now, etc etc.

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    My closet has two glass mirrors as doors and I pretty much have my life written out in dry-erase; things to do like paperwork, homework, lifting schedules...etc.
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