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    Very confused

    The weirdest situation I have been in,

    If your girlfriend goes to Las Vegas, gets completely obliterated and cheats on you what would you say. She denies it like no other, her friends even said she didn't do a thing. But she was wasted and told me she screamed my name 20 minutes ago when I talked to her lastnight, I asked what she was talking about she said some guy got mad she screamed my name when they where ****ing, then she said "no it didn't really happen stop worrying" So I brushed it off, I tried calling her to say goodnight after I left a party and her phone was off so I called her friend to have her tell her goodnight, her friend didn't pick up and this morning I got a voice mail from her friend at the time I called saying " I'm just calling you back" and I can hear my girl in the background moaning and her friend went OMG and said some dudes name and some dude said something , then her friend hung up.

    Maybe I am being paranoid or not wanting to accept the obvious, she comes home tonight and I guess I will talk to her about it, body language says everything. What do you think of the situation..
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