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    Powerlifting Training

    As some of you may know I am trying to get into powerlifting. I have just finished my 3 month 4 day split, and taking a week off before starting a new powerlifting routine. I am looking to start a VERY simple, 3 day workout including OLY lifts, Powerlifting, and then alternatives like lunges and good mornings.

    this is what i have come up with

    Day 1 (Alternate) DE

    Lunges 3x5
    Incline DB Bench 3x5
    Good Mornings 3x5

    Day 2 (Powerlifting) ME

    Squat 3x3
    Bench 3x3
    Deadlift 3x3

    Day 2 (Olympic) SE

    Squat 3x8
    Push Press 3x8
    Clean 3x8

    Weekly Setup

    Monday.......Day 1
    Thursday.....Day 2
    Saturday.....Day 3

    Basically Day 1 will be Dynamic, Day 2 will be maximal and Day 3 will be with strict form.

    olympic day will be ATG squats, full cleans (is it better to have full cleans or power cleans?) and push press

    I am trying to bench, squat and deadlift twice a week, one heavy and one light. i am thinking about doing snatches instead of cleans, rack pulls instead of good mornings and strict shoulder press instead of pushpress.

    i know it looks like low volume but the intensity is going to be very high. i would like to mabye add in some accessory work for calves, bi's, tri's and traps, but im not sure where to put it? what do u think of this routine? good or ****?
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