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Thread: 1 week of FitDay and results. What should change.

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    1 week of FitDay and results. What should change.

    Im 250 pounds when I started this diet. Down to maybe 241 after a week, may be a lot of water weight. Dunno.

    I did Back and Legs on Monday
    Shoulders, abs, and arms on wednesday
    Biceps and triceps on Friday.

    Im still sore as **** from friday. Maybe 1- 1.5 hrs each workout day and on non workout days maybe 10 mins of HIIT.

    Uhm.... Taking Complex B, one a day multi, 2-3 whey scoops a day, and fish/borax oil daily.

    How am I doing so far, what should i change, etc.

    Ugh forgot to mention... I am 5'10. Mostly fat. I'd say 150 lb LBM or so. So im very fat.
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