I'd put myself as an intermediate weightlifter...right now I'm just under 180 ~ 17% bf 5'9''. Over the summer I went from 205 to 180, but i've been stuck here for about a few months.

My diet is pretty good, i take pride in that.

I'd prefer NOT to lift on Fridays or Saturdays but I can do HIIT any day of the week.

Right now I do

Sunday - Chest/Tri

-Bench 4x5
- Incline DB 3x8
-Dips 3x10
-Cable Flys 3x8
-Triceps Pulldown 3x8 then 1x16

Tuesday - Back/Bi
-Deadlift 3x6
-Lat Pull Down 3x8
-BB Row 3x8
-Underhand Lat Pull down 2x6
- DB Row/Cable Row 2x8
- Shrugs 3x12
-Hammer curlx 3x6

Wed - Leg/Shoulders
-Squat 3x6
-DB Shoulder Press - 4x5
-Lateral Raise - 3x8
-Front Raise - 3x8
-Stiff Leg DL - 3x6
-Hack Squat (Lever Machine) - 3x6
-Swiss Ball Leg Curls - 3x12
-Calf Raises 3x12

..but i feel like i should be squatting and benching more than once a week.

I really am just lookin for something Brand New, mix it up completely, any ideas?