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Thread: For anyone who has ever used a dip/pull-up belt.

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    For anyone who has ever used a dip/pull-up belt.

    So, my dip/pull-up belt has just arrived. I got this one, which I see just went out of stock:

    Anyway, I have a question about how to add weight to the belt and loop the chain through. I found videos people doing weighted pull-ups, and I've seen two different ways of looping the chain through.

    Here's the first one. Wait for the close up of the guy putting the chain through. He first put the chain through the belt (making it a closed belt) and then pulled the chain through the weight, and then clips it to the belt.

    Here's the second. In this one the guy doesn't put the chain through the belt first and instead just goes through the weight and then clips it on. In this one, the whole front of the belt is wide open as opposed to the first where the belt uses the chain to close it AND hold the weight.

    Obviously it looks like it can be done either way... but is there a right way? Or at least, a better way? How do you guys do it?

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    I couldnt get the videos to work but I'll explain how I do it. I attach one end of the chain to one side of the belt, then I run the chain through the plate and back up towards the belt, then I run it through the 2nd side of the belt and connect it to the sideof the belt where the chain started from. This keeps the belt nice and tight. I've never had any problems doing it this way.
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    I've always done it a third way:
    I feed the chain through the weight, then through the loop on the other end of the belt, pull it across and clip it to the first loop on the belt (so the chain starts and ends on the same loop).

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    it really doent matter at all as long as the weight is on the belt

    do it which ever way u like better for me it depend on what belt im using and how much weight im putting on it-some of them hurt depending which way i put it on
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    I do it the same way as Phenom.

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    its faster to just put it through the weight and connect it, leaving the belt open. it stays on your waist fine. Just flare your legs out a little when doing pullups to keep the belt on. It should stay on just fine...
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    While we are on the topic of weighted dip belts

    I purchased a nylon Atlus dip belt and am loading 3 (45's) for a total weight of 135 pounds to do dips. I think my belt will hold about 4 (45's). Will this belt be able to hold the 180 pounds and not snap? I can't find the website for Atlas and I purchased from I contacted them and they have no idea what it can hold. Does anybody know or should I just pay close attention to the chain links? Is there a dipping belt that is made for super heavy duty weights like 250+? Thanks - Jeff

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    it makes no difference what way you attach weight to yourself. one way is not going to make the pullup or dip easier than the other.
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    Personally, I've only done it the basic way, drawing the chain through the plate then connecting it. I've had no problems.

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