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Thread: yay me! 365 DL

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    yay me! 365 DL

    lol, I don't have a journal on here, and I don't usually brag but I am teh happeh.

    Ever since those posts about a DL rep contest several weeks back, I have been deadlifting again. It took me longer than I had hoped, but I finally pulled 365 for one rep yesterday.

    Well, I wont be happy if I can't get it for atleast 2 next week. I'm on my way.

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    nice work dude!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Everyone View Post
    I agree with McVein

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    Ill be there soon! I just started deadlifting about 5 weeks ago and just did 300x3 two days ago. Its amazing how quickly you can up the weight on deadlifts once you get the form down.
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    yeah, I did 300 x 7 yesterday. The week before, I think I only got it for 4 reps.

    I've been doing squats after deadlifts. I could be wrong, but I figure that not only does it do it's own thing, but it also helps my DLs get stronger because the muscles in common are pre-exhausted from DLs when I do squats.

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    Good job!

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    nice work bro
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    365 , man I can only hope. Mine's at 255 and I was elated about that

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    Nice, man. Now 405 should be your next goal.
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    I recently set a PR at 365 as well.

    I agree with Guido that 405 should be our next goal... but I just can't ever imagine lifting that much weight off the ground! I love this sport.
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    congrats on 365 man. once you are able to do that for reps you should be close to the next goal of 405. i have been finishing my last set with 365, and two weeks ago, i got 405 for one rep. it wasnt a clean rep because i got stuck and had to struggle to lock out, but hey its the best i've done so i wasn't too upset.
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    Nice job, zen. 405 here you come.

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    nice nice work
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    wow! Thanx everyone.
    I was patting myself on the back and had no idea you all would be so supportive.

    Yes, 405 is the next goal. Seeing 4 of those big plates on each side come off the ground will be a beautious thing.
    For now though, to get there, I will focus on getting more reps at 315 and 365 (and then 385).
    Must improve each time out. If I don't get atleast 2 reps on the 365 this next time, I'm going to paint my face and call myself nancy.

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    great job!

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    I'm just curios, but 4 plates in the UK and an olympic bar would be 396.83207lbs, therefore the US plates must be 20.4Kg rather than 20Kg

    Am I correct thinking this?


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    yeah mate, cause they use lbs in the states.

    so 45lb bar+ 45x8 plates=405

    20kg bar + 20x8= 180kg/396lbs
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    I get to deadlift today!

    Congrats on your PR.
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    good work. Im gonna go for 335 next workout....I WANT IT

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    Geez and I'm thinking I'm going to fail at my 225 dl goal for 2/27.

    Seriously congratulations though, that's a very respectable weight!

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    Post when you get that 405 up!!!!!Good job keep working

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    Grats man! 365 is a lotta weight.
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    I'm so pumped right now, still, a few hours later!
    I pulled 365 for 3 reps today!
    So, I put 385 on and got it for 1 rep.

    I took a vid with my digital camera of the 3 reps at 365. I'll upload it later (I have to sign up on putfile or youtube er somewhere). It seems like my form really sux.
    Since this is only my 6th time doing them since I started doing deadlifts again, I think I need some pointers.

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    I'm not sure how long it's going to take youtube to do it's thing and make the vid available.

    Anyway, I'd like some critique/advice on my form.

    From what I can see, it seems like I start ok, using legs, then back, but then it seems like I am not finishing at the end correctly by locking out my legs and pulling the weight back with my upper body at the same time. It seems odd, but to me, it's almost like the first 75% of the lift is okay, but then I screw up the finish.
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