So, my dip/pull-up belt has just arrived. I got this one, which I see just went out of stock:

Anyway, I have a question about how to add weight to the belt and loop the chain through. I found videos people doing weighted pull-ups, and I've seen two different ways of looping the chain through.

Here's the first one. Wait for the close up of the guy putting the chain through. He first put the chain through the belt (making it a closed belt) and then pulled the chain through the weight, and then clips it to the belt.

Here's the second. In this one the guy doesn't put the chain through the belt first and instead just goes through the weight and then clips it on. In this one, the whole front of the belt is wide open as opposed to the first where the belt uses the chain to close it AND hold the weight.

Obviously it looks like it can be done either way... but is there a right way? Or at least, a better way? How do you guys do it?