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Thread: Something strange.

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    Something strange.

    I only just noticed today, but one of my back muscles is significantly smaller than the other. I thought maybe it was because I was turning my head to look into the mirror, but my girlfriend confirmed it too. I'm not talking a slight difference, in comparision it looks as though I have no muscle at all on my left side.

    I looked it up, and as far as I can tell it is my lower trapezius, this one here;

    Is there anyway I can even them out? Seems like such an odd muscle to lack on one side and not the other.

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    Actually, looking closer it's even lower on my back. I'd say it's my Erector Spinae.

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    ask your girlfriend to take a pic so we can see and post it up.
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    All kinds of reasons for it and it's not that strange. You could be favoring one foot when balancing with heavy weights (I favor my right because my left leg is partially lame and there is a difference in muscle size on my right side). It could be genetic. It could be posture.
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